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Brendan 10-18-2001 07:26 PM

Is there such thing as a dependable engine?
I have run out of patience with my 4.2L. I am now in the process of replacing my fuel pump, and I have rebuilt my carb, and it still runs like crap. Is there a good dependable engine out there, that swap well into jeeps? I don't want to upgrade my Axles, but I will if it's neccesary. I think a 350 would be overkill. I was thinking about a V6, or maybe swapping in the 4.0 L H.O. heads onto my block. I used ot want to swap for power, and coolness, now I just want an engine I can depend on. Thanks for any advice

glm 87 wrangler 10-19-2001 07:21 AM

I feel your pain, I too have been ,well pissed with my performance of the 4.2.So far I have changed my carb to a weber and added TFI,Now I would take it down the bad area of town and not worry to much if I will make it
out alive.I am fairly good at rebuilding carbs and the carter was easy, just would not work.I did that twice..The carter was designed to fail plan and simple..keep the 4.2 give it a chance..

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