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molesyboy 10-26-2012 12:59 PM

Team Rush-ish upgrade. Please Help!
Hi everbody. I just joined the forum. I have been stalking around this place for awhile, figured I'd pony up and join.

So here's the sitch. I have a 83 waggy with a 401 in it. I just bought it about a month ago. So the engine is out of something else, obviously. the po didn't know what it came out of. It has the motorcraft distributor in it. Some one had done the cap adapt to it. Last week the ign module took a dump out of the blue. Sounds like that's what they do. It was a cheap autozone type module, The silver box with two wire clusters coming out, Duraspark? right? I got a replacement at AZ for an 83 waggy (same module.)

Long story short. I want do do the Team rush type upgrade, and i think I'm already part way there. I just need help with the module and coil. I'm thinking of getting the cdi module that summit has and I have a brand new mallory 92440 coil the big black box one. Just need to know if this coil will work.

I know Jeephammer is the master at this, so hopefully he is still out there. But any help would be very much appreciated.

molesyboy 10-26-2012 01:49 PM

I lika do do the upgrade... sorry

The time now is 05:48 PM.

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