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TJSahara 09-26-2001 11:47 AM

Who makes a superchrager kit for a 4.0 Wrangler 2001. I know of one company, Rimmer. I was wondering if there were any others. Thanks

BurlyJ10 10-15-2001 05:49 PM

I was at the Truckin National car show in phoenix this past weekend and grabbed a guys card whos buisness was supercharging for jeeps, dont know if he has SC's for the 01, and i dont have the card with me but ill get back to ya.

BurlyJ10 10-16-2001 02:13 PM

Found it, Its Avenger Superchargers LLC at, Ph.1(719)594-4766 Fax- 1 (719)278-9290 they are located in Colorado Springs. Hope this helps. -Burly

Telionis 10-18-2001 01:02 PM

Also, 'Accurate Power' makes a 6 psi blower...

TJSahara 10-18-2001 03:39 PM

Thanks. Think I am changing my mind after I saw the prices$$$$.

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