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bigtom89 12-08-2012 03:40 PM

Starting problems
Looking for some advice, I have a 89 YJ with the 4.2, 2 barrel carb. Jeep will not start cold or if it sits for more then 10 minutes without a shot of starting fluid. When running runs great no stalling or any other problem. I just bought the Jeep and the prior owner thought it was the electric choke but it appears to be working.

Part 2 of my problems, driving home last night the rear drive shaft broke off at the rear diff and when it broke it broke the cover of the transfer case. Am I better off replacing the transfer case or just buying a new cover, its a 231 transfer case.

All advice and help is greatly appreciated

jokerchief462 12-08-2012 03:45 PM

Problem #1: Starting requires some kind of prime from the carburetor and yes it is choke related if it runs good all the rest of the time. The choke issue has a lot of carb'd Jeep owners going crazy. You may need to rebuild or clean the carb up. It should squirt some fuel in when you attempt to start it up.

Problem #2: Replace only whats necessary if you had no issues with the T-Case before. But you will have to see if you did more damage other than the stock tailcone. But what is more important WHY did the driveshaft break???

bigtom89 12-08-2012 04:17 PM

Thanks on the #1 I will take it off and clean it upand see how that works before i rebuild it. Like I sais once it is running it runs great. Is there any way to bypass the electric choke?

Problem 2, the shaft didnt break the universal joint is where the break occured. My guess was it was just a worn out U-joint. It looks like it beat the yoke up so I am going to put a new yoke and joint when it goes back together.

Thanks for your advice

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