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vanwilder692 09-24-2013 11:27 PM

To shift or not to shift that is the question
Hey my friends and I have been arguing for weeks about whether or not to shut off the overdrive in (1999-2004) Grand Cherokee Laredo's for stop and go/city driving or hilly terrain, or just leave it in overdrive.
I have an 01 Grand Cherokee Laredo and in the owner's-manual under the towing section it states to reduce transmission temperature and to prevent overheating to "shut off" the over drive for stop and go/city driving or in hilly terrain.
But, the manual does not state anything for everyday city stop and go driving whether or not to use overdrive or not to help with engine braking.
Some people say not to use overdrive because you don't reach speeds high enough for overdrive to engage. But than others say it's cheaper to replace brakes than it is to replace your transmission, and to never use an automatic transmission to help with slowing down.
So what say you all with Jeep Grand Cherokees? For city driving or hilly terrain do you shut off your over drive or just leave it on and use your brakes up?
I live in Eastern Ohio where there are plenty of hills and even on the Interstates I can feel my jeep shift between the two over drive gears. So, I wonder if it is better on the Jeep to take it out of over drive and allow the engine to help with braking.

uberxj92 09-25-2013 07:55 PM

I only shut mine off when towing.

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