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tonypaul 10-28-2012 08:29 PM

Seeking Jeep IFS front differential Guru's
Im working on a unique project and trying to find the right IFS front differential that I can use for this project. I have searched through the internet almost all day and cant really find the answers that Im looking for as it pertains to IFS Jeep front differentials.

First- at the following ebay link:

In the photos in the description, the 3rd pic down where the pumkin part of the differential is on the left and the output shaft is going toward the right-

In the position it is in: if the front pinion connection was turned to the left (counter clockwise) which way would the axle shafts turn?
away from you or towards you?

Im trying to figure out the rotation direction as in the position as it sits in the image.

Also I have a few other questions I hoping someone can help me with:
How strong are the Liberty front differentials?
And compared to a front differential from a Commander?
Are there differences in the Jeep front IFS differentials according to engine size?

If Im wanting a IFS differential in the style of the one I posted is there one you could recommend based on the following requirement?-
Strong as possible to better handle HP/TQ.
Have the ablity to have gearing somewhere between 3.00 to 3.55 ratio.
Have the ablity to have some sort of locker/limited slip/posi/ect.
Possiblity of being mostly constructed aluminum housing for weight savings.

Thanks in advance for helping me find some of the answers to these questions...

The time now is 03:29 AM.

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