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Stew 08-09-2001 01:04 AM

Performance Chips
I'm just wondering if the Jet Performance Chip, or other similar chips are worth the money and/or safe for the vehicle. I know what the dealers say, but I'd like to hear from someone who has one.

1998 TJ Sahara

Brian's 97 ZJ 08-16-2001 05:15 PM

Yeah, me too actually...



Shacky 08-19-2001 01:13 AM

I got the JET chip from a friend for $50.00. It is definitely worth that. I felt performance gains throughout the rpm range. My acceleration after installing the chip and 32" tires was better than stock with 30" tires. I now run higher octane fuel which costs a bit more, but as long as I keep my right foot off of the floor board, I seem to get about 1.5 mpg bettergas mileage with the chip. Just today I removed the stock airbox and put on a cylinder racing air filter. Holy shiite!! With that and the chip it must have at least 30 more horsepower. :D I really don't know if I'm damaging my engine. I doubt it if it's running this good! Time will tell I guess. I'm keeping a close eye on my plugs and O2 sensor for any signs of weird mixture or heat or anything.

Brian's 97 ZJ 08-23-2001 06:32 PM

Thanks for the info Shacky, that is about what I would expect to gain (30hp) out of a mod chip. I think I'll give Jet a call and see if I can set myself up with one.

Out of curiosity, which stage chip was it?


Shacky 08-25-2001 08:21 PM

I believe it is a stage 1. I think that a stage 2 requires a cooler thermostat and a cat-back. ENJOY!

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