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buckspacj 07-13-2013 03:39 PM

Original cj drivetrain
I'm gonna buy a cj soon not sure what year.
80% on 20% off road
Want the 304 engine
What auto tranny option did 304 come with over years ? If I have to settle for 3 speed manual tranny will it do 65 on highways sitting on 38"s? I guess I'm asking what tranny options do I have for 304 in auto or manual for my needs? Thanks needs9

DaemonForce 07-14-2013 12:27 PM

I know that between the 258 and 304 the transmission options typically interchange for manual gearboxes. As for autos, the Chrysler A-904 and A-998 were not an option behind V block engines but they might have been in much earlier designs of my car. Not sure if there was an issue that carried over with the Jeeps too. I think the A-727 and A-999 were okay but I don't know about that last one since the ID sounds pretty strong considering the mess of things at that time. You'll typically see 4 and 5 speed manual gear boxes of the Borg Warner variety but I think Aisin Warner took over during the 4.0L period.

You might be able to use an AX-15 if you ever find one. If you find an SR-4, junk. Other than that, I think you should be able to keep axles and push 65 on the freeway pretty easy. If you're concerned about overdrive I would suggest swapping out differential gears for something higher or only using 5 speed manual transmissions. You're just not going to find a 4 speed auto for this thing without a lot of work. It might still exist in some Dodge with the A-512 or 42RH tag or something like that but I'm part of the group that doesn't consider the 700R4 an option and I don't know anything about the TH400 to help with those either.

paveland 07-16-2013 07:13 PM

Th400 was a stock option, I think it was usually paired with the full time quadratrac transfer case.

jeepdaddy2000 07-17-2013 05:36 PM


will it do 65 on highways sitting on 38"s?
I would become an expert on driveline geometry and steering upgrades before I contemplated purchasing a CJ with 38" tires.

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