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Steve28 07-22-2002 09:16 AM

Oil leak that wont go away!
Hi everyone. I am frustrated, I have changed my valve cover 3 times, my oil pan gasket 3 times and my rear main seal 2 times and I cant stop my oil leak!#@$% can anyone help me please I see the oil leaking out of the bell housing but not the rear main, so I think there must be another seal in there stoneware, is there a rear cam seal that is under the bell housing or some kind of oil pin or something. I would greatly appreciate any help thanks

johny1i 07-23-2002 12:20 PM

Could it be that you're seeing hydraulic fluid from a slave cylinder that is going out inside the bellhousing? It would be much thinner weight than oil, but would still leak from the bottom of the bellhousing. Check your clutch fluid reservoir. Also worth checking may be the transmission fluid level--this one seems like a longshot, but it may be leaking into there. Otherwise, it seems like you've hit the common leak spots pretty well. Clean the underside of the engine really well with kerosene and then pressure wash it. Drive it about 10 miles and inspect it.

Steve28 07-23-2002 12:26 PM

I took it to a mechanic and he put dye in the oil and he said that its the valve cover, after changing to valve cover 3 times, it cant be the valve cover anymore, I can see all the way up to the back of the valve cover and donít see any oil, my rig has been in the shop for a month and its driving me crazy.

Hippo393 07-24-2002 12:47 AM

Why has your rig been in the shop for a month??:confused: :( Are there other symptoms? The oil that comes out of the bellhousing--does it affect the clutch? (probably keeps the fork lubed up, heh heh).

Rear main seal is a 2-parter in most Jeeps. Unless ya pull the crankshaft out, it's impossible to inspect the upper rear main seal. Was this engine recently rebuilt? If so, were there any gaskets/seals leftover? Also, why did you have to replace the valve cover gasket 3 times?? Sorry so many questions, just trying to help.

Steve28 07-24-2002 06:17 AM

Itís the old none-rebuilt motor, my rear main was leaking so I changed it and it started a whole bunch of leaks. Took it to a mechanic and he put dye in it and said that it was coming from the valve cover, something about crank case presser moving to the top of the motor so I changed out the valve cover gasket and it still leaked, so I changed it again, it still leaked, and the gasket looked mest up so one more time I changed it again and it failed, I friend cam over and he said he could see the back of the valve cover from the bottom, so I looked and there is no oil on it, but when I was down there I noticed the oil coming from a plastic tab on the bell housing, I now its not trany oil its got the green dye still in it, and my clutch fluid hasnít dropped, hop this long reply can help. I hope someone out there knows of something. Thanks for the help.

StumpJumper 07-24-2002 08:15 AM

Did you replace the plastic valve cover? Or is it even plastic. I had the same problem. I bought the alluminum Westside cover from Tellico4x4 and put it on. Took 2 tries. First with a gasket and sealer and the second with just the sealant. Let it sit overnight before I started it. Leak is gone.

One thing on the rear main.....The back end of the crankshaft(may not be the right part name) the shaft that sticks out the back of the engine. has a spiral shaped grove in it that "splashes" the engine oil back into the engine. When your bearing or seal is worn, this grove can be "polished" smooth, therefore you will develope a leak that no seal will fix. It's a sign of an old engine and the only fix is a rebuild or replacement.


Steve28 07-24-2002 01:26 PM

I think that its the cam plug behind the fly wheel, I will be investigating this tomorrow if anyone knows of these problem please let me now what you think. Thanks

jeepster18_88 07-24-2002 10:41 PM

The back of the motor has 3 plugs I think. I'm not sure what they are for but if it's not you rear main seal than maybe it's one of these. The only way to know would be to pull the tranny, transfer case, clutch, flywheel, and the thin cover on the back of the engine. This is no easy( or cheep at a shop) job but if you've tried everything else...

Hope it helps.

Hippo393 07-25-2002 12:31 AM

If the mechanic reported the problem resulting from "crank case pressure", then maybe the fix is as simple as servicing the crankcase ventallation valve system (much simpler fix than going inside). Not sure if your year model even has it, but if you have a service manual (or repair manual), look in the index for "crankcase ventallation". Pressure does move to the top, and the vent system allows the pressure to vent away from the low-torqued valve covers thru an outlet in the top. Do any of your valve covers have holes in the top for ventallation?

The service manual for my '71 has a couple sections on it. Don't know if it applies on your '89, but good luck either way!

Steve28 07-25-2002 07:55 AM

I donít now if the crank case pressure is to hi or not, thatís what we were thinking to but after doing the valve cover we kind of veered away from that being the problem, I guess it still could be the rear main seal but I would thin that I would have oil coming out at the bottom of the bell housing all the time instead I have oil coming out of the top of the bell housing at the place were some censor goes on newer models a plastic thing on the drivers side of the bell housing at 10 oíclock position. I already changed my pcv valve and checked all the lines and I donít think that itís a crank case pressur deal, but then again im not a mechanic. I Appreciate all the help from everybody and I hope that I will get more help from everyone. Thanks again for all the info. Im polling the trainy and everything tonight so I will right back tomorrow to let everyone one now if itís just a cam plug or I need a new motor. Man I hope not!

Steve28 07-26-2002 07:41 AM

WELL..... It looks like either the rear main seal is still leaking or the oil pan. After taking off the transmission and t/c . I cleaned everything and reinstalled the flywheel and bell housing and starter started the motor until it started to leak, took off all that junk and inspected, all there is, is oil at the bottom, no leaking valve cove, no leaking plugs on the back, SO whatís this mean, next step taking the oil pan off and rear main seal again to inspect the crank for scaring and to do this hole thing over again. Please if anyone out their nows or thinks im missing something let me know!!!!! Thanks steve28

Steve28 07-26-2002 05:13 PM

After dropping oil pan and rear cap, crank is scarred and motor is shot. Thank you for everybody's help, but now it's time to put in a new motor.

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