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Masakari 09-06-2013 08:55 PM

Need some advice on a strange engine problem
I have an 02 wrangler X 4.0, roughly 145k miles Today i drove to work no issues at all..after work i turned the key and i noticed a diffrent sound then the usual cranking noise..a weird short pause between cranks, my jeep has been slow starting for years so i got to listen to this noise for awhile before it finally came to life...almost sounded like a lull in the starter like when it should have made 3 attempts to crank it was only making two..then a pause then 2 more..sorry cant describe it any better then that..immediately the check engine light comes on and as i put it in gear and start moving forward the CEL begins to no stranger to the CEL light but this is the first time i have ever seen it flash...i didnt notice any unusual noise or loss of power so i merged unto the highway and as soon as the rpms crested 2500 it was as if i had hit the rev limiter...the engine would slow down to below 2000 rpms and then surge back to life..everytime i would aproach 2800-3000 rpms id get the hitting the rev limiter effect...i noticed at idle it seemed to idle a bit low and had an almost harley davidson exhaust note

Im kinda stumped, i know my jeep is due for a new motor...its lived a pretty hard life but ive never encountered or heard of this issue before...i disconnected the battery once i got home and the cel still has the funky noise when cranking and takes much longer then it use to to finally fire up, but after reseting the ECU its allowing me to rev the entire range...going to do an oil change and a little maintenance over the weekend so any advice as to what might have caused this would be much appreciated..kinda need to have it trustworthy before monday because it will be a long walk to the jobsite if this thing dies on me...thanks in advance!

Masakari 09-07-2013 04:01 AM

alright then, guess i will just swap in a new flux capicitor and pray for the best

The time now is 10:02 PM.

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