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Homie304 08-20-2013 03:20 PM

Need some advice (Engine dying)
Hey guys, I needed some advice and I figured this would be the best place to ask it. I have searched your forums and searched the web and seen plenty of solutions to around about the same question I have but nothing definitive for me. And I apologize if this has been beat to death but here goes...

My jeep is dying. I have a stock 2003 Wrangler SE 2.4l and my fiance ran it 9k miles past it's oil change date and never checked it once. She ran it until he started making an awful knocking sound, which tells me the bearings are shot. My engine now sounds like there is a giant metal ball floating around the motor every time I accelerate. I know it's dying and it's only a matter of time before it's deceased.

My question is; a Jasper motor for this model cost about $3500 and other rebuild companies charge around $2500. Rebuild kits are only around $500. How do I know if i can successfully pull off just using a rebuild kit and having success with it? If that's not a good idea then I've heard of people putting other size/model engines in these Wranglers. I just looking for options and I know you guys are the most knowledgable around that I've read. Thanks in advance

The time now is 04:16 PM.

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