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Help loses power at random

2000 jeep grand cherokee 6 cylinder

at random it louses power or a second or two and it comes back or at a light sometimes it stalls

what iv replaced so far

new spark plugs
replaced IAC (idle air control)
fuel filter
fuel pump
I have also gone over the obvious louse wires broke wires cracked vaccume lines dident find anything

Had it diagnostic at pep-boys they said it was the fuel pump. they said when it happens the fuel pressure drops down to nothing then comes back up

i would think if its something else the fuel pressure would stay up cuz the pump is electric and it does not lose electrical power.

I hooked it up to a OBD2 reader and some o the items are not reporting heres the screenshots of the sensors that its reporting

I would think the ! would mean something wrong. though its not trowing any error codes

Please help!!

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Sounds like a Throttle position sensor, would have a mechanic loook at it may be cheaper by now.

Does your car start right up? that is the time where the fuel pump gets worked the hardest has to pressurize from 0 psi to around 55.

If it does then i would think it not your pump but something the computer relies on for closed loop operation, ECT, TPS, CMP, CKP, MAP.

If yuo put your foot doewn and it doesn't respond for 2 seconds, then it s tps. Remove clean and test, retry then if it dont work go by a new one, so many parts tha still work get replaced everyday so that some guy at the parts store can get paid. i would expect the fuel pump is fine hard to say tho.
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