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AGENT ORANGE 12-18-2001 08:35 AM

Help! 454 in a 78 cj 7?
I have a 454 and I was wondering if anyone knows what I need to do to put a 454 in a jeep? I don't need a conversion kit because I have a sm 465 manual trans.

horatio102 12-18-2001 03:22 PM

Do you really need that kind of power potential? I mean really... you've got a 350 in it already, which if built right should take you to over 400 HP without too much trouble. The 454 is just that much more weight in the front end to push around.
I'd say sell the 454 and buy some other goodies for the 350. :)

swack 12-18-2001 07:27 PM

It should drop right in the mounts are the
same as sbc! As for weight its not that much
more maybe 150# Im puting a 454 in my yj
the projects on hold till i get headers
(back order) there from SS HEADERS
block hugger shorty if you need to order

swack 88yj ITS A BIGBLOCK THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darko 12-18-2001 08:50 PM

yea, I would keep the 350. All that weight at the front end, will actually decrease your off road performace, but greatly increase you mud performance. Just my $.02 good luck

MuddyCJ5 12-20-2001 11:41 AM

The difference in weight between a small block and a big block is very small. If you already have a 350 in it, the BB should almost be a bolt-in, other than the exhuast and maybe an odd wire or hose. I don't think the extra weight would be much of a liabilty. If your BB is built properly and set up right you'll be leading the big dogs down the road! When it comes to engines, BIGGER is BETTER!

horatio102 12-20-2001 04:54 PM

I can understand that if you're building a Jeep to compete in mud bogging events, but for all around driving? There is such a thing as too much. A mildly built 350 will out-power a stock 454 any day. The only reason on a street legal rig to put something that big in it is if you are towing a heavy load or hauling a heavy load, neither of which is a Jeep's strong suit.

swack 12-20-2001 07:08 PM

2001 Subaru Impreza RS
1986 Dodge Power Ram W250
thats all i need to know!


horatio102 12-21-2001 12:49 AM


Originally posted by swack:
2001 Subaru Impreza RS
1986 Dodge Power Ram W250
thats all i need to know!


Your point?

horatio102 12-27-2001 01:11 AM

That's what I thought.

swack 12-27-2001 06:41 PM

"A mildly built 350 will out-power a stock 454 any day"

THATS WHAT I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

horatio102 12-27-2001 11:57 PM

Stock 454: (1997 GMC 3/4 ton pickup) 290hp, 410 ft-lbs
Mildly built 350: (Edlebrock Performer RPM 9.5:1 crate engine) 410hp, 408 ft-lbs.

So, 120 horses more, two pounds less. And that is what I call a "mildly built" motor, as opposed to a heavily built drag-only motor.

And when you tell somebody that they "beter" go back to their books, maybe you ought to run the ol' spell checker.

dartboy 12-28-2001 08:05 AM

Horatio, your comparing apples to oranges. Put up some stats on a stock 350 to go with those stock 454 stats you have.

Don't try to talk someone out of doing what they want to there Jeep. If he wants a 454 just give him any help you have to offer, not this negative crap your saying. Does your Subaru have a So can you offer this man any reallife help., not book facts.

Really not trying to piss anybody off here but if you have never had a 454 in a Jeep before don't be offering negative feedback on that topic.

Peace, and Happy Holidays.

horatio102 12-28-2001 09:33 AM

Don't give me any crap. If you guys read what I posted, you would know that I was offering some decent advice. Do I have a 454 in my Subaru? No. I don't need it. It would be a total waste of time and energy. The little 2.5l 4-banger is enough, with some simple bolt ons, for mid-14 second quarter miles. If I were to swap a motor into my Subaru it would be a SMALLER motor, a 2.0l four banger. Why? Because they're good for over 300 horsepower. There are Imprezas doing sub-12 second quarter mile times with the 2 liter.
Now, as far as comparing apples to oranges, DUH! That was the point. Why don't you scroll up and see where I suggested that he sell the 454 and build up the 350 he has. Why don't you read the part where I said that a MILDLY BUILT 350 would out-power a STOCK 454. Now why would I make that suggestion? Because it will cost money to get the 454 put in, or at the very least it will take hours of his time. Plus he loses out on the possible profit from the sale of that 454, which in turn could go towards modifying the already capable 350.
I don't have stats for the weight on a 350 versus a 454, but there is a difference. And when you've got a front-heavy vehicle to begin with, why not try to minimize the difference?

Did you honestly think I was suggesting that he not do it because I just didn't want him to? I was just offering my opinion that it was not really necessary. If you guys can't handle it, well that's too bad.

Buzzard 12-28-2001 12:53 PM

I agree with the opinion that a 454 would be more than I'd want in a Jeep, I'd be real happy with a 350. BUT, there is no way a mildly pumped 350 is equal to a big block. You can't compare a pumped small block crate engine with HP measured at the flywheel vs. a detuned big block truck engine with HP measured at the rear wheel. If both engines have similar intakes, cams and compression ratios, the big block will have at least 60-80 more HP.

horatio102 12-28-2001 02:41 PM


Originally posted by Buzzard:
If both engines have similar intakes, cams and compression ratios, the big block will have at least 60-80 more HP.
Ok, you guys are missing the point.
Stay with 350 - Have extra money to put into building it up
Go with 454 - Use the extra money for the install, leaving no money left over for modifying it.

I KNOW that a mildly built 454 will whack a mildly built 350, but I'm going on the $$ left over spent to upgrade the existing plant.

I'm not a freaking moron. If money were no issue, the comparison between the two wouldn't have been made. Who knows, maybe money is not an issue, but if that's the case, why not buy a Merlin 509 block with its 540 hp and 2yr/24,000 mile warranty? You could probably strap a blower to that, then add nitrous, and eek out about a thousand hp. That should be enough, but I understand how there is NEVER enough horsepower.


How much horsepower do you really need in a Jeep?

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