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shadowridr1 10-19-2013 07:15 AM

Heater problems
This is on a 2005 wrangler LJ guys and with winter coming and two little kiddos I gotta get this fixed. I've searched on here a little this morning but this has got me stumped. Anyways here we GOOOO
Ok here goes. Found first winter issue with the jeep. My heater blows WARM air not hot. I let it run for about 15 mins. Then drove it home. I noticed it never got hot so I drove it around longer. Still no change in temp. So I went back to the house and let it sit and run. This has been a total of 50 mins now. The temp gauge is reading 210 and has been for a while. The air temp at the floor and defrost vents is still only warm. So while it was running I popped the hood and felt of the hoses. The heater core hoses were warm not hot which is good. Checked the upper radiator hose. Warm not hot which I thought was odd. HEY I just noticed my other hand was on the radiator cap. NOT HOT at all. So yep with the engine running and has been running for a full hour now. I'm like f$@k it. I opened the radiator cap. Nothing no steam blow off no water spraying so I stuck my finger in the water. Guess what ONLY warm. Not HOW IN THE HELL can that be when my thermostat temp is reading 210??? I'm pulling a major head scratcher here guys. WTF is the problem.

RAWWWRaLION 10-28-2013 07:37 PM

Thermostat maybe? I'm kinda having the same issue Sept I don't get warm air even just enough to keep fog off the window.... (1999 Jeep grand Cherokee V8 limited) didn't get gutsy enough to stick my finger in the coolant tho lol

72gs455 12-08-2013 06:25 PM

Bumpity bump

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