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myrradah 05-27-2013 02:57 AM

had some battle wounds from offroad trip need help on
So went out trailing over the weekend. I had a heck of a time getting over some rocks and I know I smashed my transmission cross beam and the exhaust pipe just in front of it.

So, i definitely have an exhaust leak but nothing visual i can see. I can see I dented it and I think it may have did some damage closer to the headers - well sorta headers - on the pentastar. But def a leak. Anyone had anything similar and able to fix it or is this a exhaust shop job - no way i can see to get in there.

Also, I damage the transmission cross beam - obviously. It is not tacod or anything bad but I do notice a rumble at 2700 RPM no matter the gear. Is this a misaligment issue or is just my exhaust? Hard to tell.

My thinking is get the leak fixed first - then see if the rumble is still there. But if someone has experienced this before I would prefer to know rather than damage my transmission by driving it still.


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