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martyb 09-03-2002 12:21 PM

Fuel pressure.. problem?
I've got an 84 CJ7 with the 258. I've also got the Mopar MPI kit. Everything was running great. All of a sudden, it feels like it's running out of gas going around corners in 3rd or 4th.. and even 2nd if I'm going slow enough. It starts jerking around. It will even stall on occasion.

All of this happens when going around corners. It will do the same thing, if I'm in too high of a gear. I checked the fuel pressure and it's at a steady ~28. I think it's supposed to be around 32 and shoot up to 40 with the vacuum disconnected. But it only goes up to ~38 with the vacuum hose off.

There's also a split second hesitation when you step on the gas from a standstill.

I think it's my fuel pump. The thing is making some weird buzzing noise. When I first put it on, it had a little whine to it, but no buzz.

Would that little (big?) difference in fuel pressure be the problem? My dad says that the pressure seems alright, like it shouldn't have that much of an affect.

I don't know.. anyone have any advice? Thanks

lostboy 09-21-2002 08:01 AM

I have the same kit in mine...that pressure is exactly what I have. If your pump is making noise,it may be working too hard.Is the pickup in the tank ok? It sounds like the pump is starving for fuel.

KnightFire 09-23-2002 05:40 PM

Definately take a look at your fuel pump! :)


lostboy 02-25-2003 04:19 PM

Saw another thread in the YJ forum about a clogged return line.This could cause a drop in pressure and/or cause the pump to work too hard.

The time now is 11:07 PM.

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