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GTNMUDY 06-22-2013 11:25 AM

Front rotor on 84 CJ7 HELP
Need to replace the front driver side rotor on my 84 CJ-7. Went to the parts store bought a new rotor bring it home and started taking apart. After I removed the rotor and bearing hub it looks like it is a 1 piece item. The wheel studs are in the rotor and I cannot find anywhere on how to remove the bearing hub (if I can).

I went online and noticed that there are exploded parts views that show the rotor and hub seperate items and then also shown as 1 item.

The 1 item part is $250.00 the rotor is $35.00.

Does someone have info on how to remove the bearing hub or is it 1 piece?


GTNMUDY 06-22-2013 01:41 PM

Figured it out. I just needed a BFH (big f'n hammer):D

For those That need to know. The bearing hub does come off the rotor. It looks like the lug nut studs are pressed into the rotor, but they are not. They just pass through the rotor and spline into the hub.

What i did was to clean off the crud on the back side of the rotor. Used liquid wench on the rotor/hub seam. Let it soak for 1 hr and then use 2, 6 x 6 block of wood on the floor, then place the rotor onto the blocks with the hub between them. Then took a steel plate and laid it on the rear seal area and used a 4 x 4 block on top of the plate then hit the heck out of it. After 5 blows it came off the rotor and the lug nut studs fell out of the rotor. :thumbsup:

Just place the new rotor on the hub, insert the studs and drive them into the hub.

It would be a snap if you have a arbor press, but dont have one and dont know of anyone that does. So back yard mechanics go to work:laugh:

Be on the road in 30 minutes....


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