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aheffner 11-21-2011 01:02 AM

Engine Problems HELP!
So, I just bought a brand new battery for my 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport 6 cyl. because the old one was crap. But the new one died today. I had my friend jump it for me and it will start with a few presses of the gas pedal but as soon as I let off the gas the engine stops. It won't stay running. I have no clue whats going on. ;/ Its killing my pockets.

Drix 11-21-2011 01:51 AM

Put a multimeter on it while it's running you should get a bit over 14vdc if the alternator is running. If not it's a good chance your alternator is not working.

If you have no meter and can get it to a parts store in the morning they should be as to hook you up and test it and the battery.

rjbruzan 11-21-2011 06:54 PM

The computer Jeeps REQUIRE a fully charged battery to make all systems work properly. So either charge it or keep the revs up to let the alternator charge it up. Next fix the drain or youll be buying another battery because they can only be killed dead so many times before they are junk.

aheffner 11-25-2011 09:16 PM

I cant figure out whats killing my battery. The only thing I could think is the little light around the keyhole. But could that really drain a whole battery?

rjbruzan 11-26-2011 05:06 PM

Yes if it stays on after the Jeep is shut off.

herbiehind 11-26-2011 05:27 PM

disconnect the neg. cable and put meter in series with neg . on amps . if reading more than milliamps you've got a draw . if so pull fuses till it's gone . then look to that circuit for the culprit .

aheffner 11-01-2012 08:10 PM

I found out I just had to keep pumping my gas until my computer restarted, and then we disconnected the the light around my ignition and it stopped dying. So thank you lol. But now we have more problems after having my baby run great for a while. Uhg.

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