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StevieC 09-08-2001 04:54 PM

Chevy engine question
Hello everyone-

I have a unique situation, was wondering if you folks could help me determine feasibility.
I have access to a late 70's CJ7, with everything but the engine, in decent shape. I also have a 1988 Olds Toronado with a V-6, 3.8 L engine which is also in great shape.

Is it possible within reason to place this engine in the Jeep?

I appreciate any input anyone can provide. I'm not terribly engine savvy, but I have a pal who is a whiz- thought I'd see if he would be willing to help me out. Wanted to ask you all first.



CHVYPWR 09-10-2001 10:28 PM

1988 Olds Toronado with a V-6, 3.8 -- Thats not a Chevy engine, it's a Buick engine, and a front wheel drive with fuel injection. I would have to say find somthing else, it just wont work. There are plenty of Chevy V8's out there, a far better choice for a CJ.

The time now is 08:18 AM.

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