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dcope17 06-02-2012 12:31 AM

Changing DS from 1330 to 1310... not a conversion u-joint fix
Short story, can I simply pull off the axle end of a DS which has the 1330 ujoint and the ID splines and slide on a matching spline with a 1310 u joint size or do the splines need to be matched like a ring and pinion set?

Long story.

So, I have a TJ Rubicon... came with 1330s all around. Custom suspension and when setting up, the 1330 on the front comes close to the upper CA. UCAs and LCAs adjustable so I dial it in within so much to get caster, and yoke/u-joint clearance when cycling the suspension.
I had a time where I did some hard braking and the tires were singing ( not locked up but some noise ) and no problems. I avoided everyone's bumpers and such.
since then I have added a winch and had to make another hard stop last night and the axle yoke contacted the UCA. The metal is blue so I'm sure it threw quite a show of sparks. I can possibly turn the yoke more of a round shape to gain a little clearance but I think I need more than just a little. so, like above, can I just use the end of a regular TJ DS with 1310 joints and simply slide it on my DS at the splines then re-balance? Or, do I need to have the spline end cut off and a new spline set ( od and id splines ) with a 1310 end welded on?

Thanks for the help...

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