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SasquatchTJ 07-04-2012 04:40 PM

catalytic converter
ok....have a 2003 Rubicon. 120,000 miles. got a P0402 code. had a code for high output on tps a couple times pryor. Had a major loss of power on the highway the other night. 2500 rpm max. parts store guy told me my cat is more than likely plugged. dont want to take it to a dealer cuz its too $$$. already replaced tps and put in new E3 sparkplugs. old plugs were burned up, too hot. want to replace front cats with new magnaflow set.

so i guess my question is....will my jeep run like normal if i get rid of the rear cat? no emission laws here.

Mishimoto 07-05-2012 10:47 AM

What about visual emissions? I know that some states don't require tailpipe emissions testing, but must check to make sure all cats are in place, charcoal canister, etc are in place for inspection and presumably working properly.

Though I've seen plenty of vehicles (for off road use) run fine with one or all cats missing.

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