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Matt Graham 08-27-2001 12:19 AM

Big Motor Decision!!!! Help!!!
Alright guys, this is a tough one for me, and I need help. I am getting ready to dive into the jeep mania that I've been reading so much about for the last 6 months. I've been dreaming & planning about what I want my perfect jeep to look like & be like. I've imagined it to be a 95 YJ, sitting totally stock so nobody has messed with it and I get to start from scratch. It would be in excellent showroom condition like it had been garaged for the last 6 years and I get to bring it to life. The most important thing about this jeep I thought was that it'd have the I-6 in it.
We'll, I think I've found that perfect jeep in a 95 YJ that has been in storage for 4 years, and only has been driven for the last two, with only 9,500 original miles on it. The kicker is that it has the 2.5L four cylinder in it.
The question is, do I bite the bullet because it's like brand new (and within 2 years I plan to do a V8 swap anyway), or do I hold out for that I-6 & hope for some low milage? I'm sure that somebody out there will have some good advice as to what I should do, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Pantera 08-27-2001 02:37 PM

Just so ya know, I've seen well built 4-Bangers go places the I6ers couldn't make it... Keep in mind, you are getting a Jeep®, not a 69 Camaro... A lot more finesse is required to go wheelin'... Not nessecarily a lot of power... Just my $0.02...

FLHT_FXRS_YJ 08-27-2001 09:37 PM

I agree, 4 cyl. with that kind of condition and miles - go for it.

Matt Graham 08-28-2001 12:35 AM

Hey thanks guys, I think that's really what I wanted to hear. So Eddie, I know you've got the four, you got any modifications done you like or dislike as far as the motor goes? Can you still get decent performance with an upgraded intake, header & catback, ignition & electric fan & the normal stuff?

Thanks Again,

Pantera 08-29-2001 01:19 AM

Well, I have a cat-back, throttle spacer, and K&N cone filter... I'll soon be putting an electric fan, 4.0L throttle body, upgraded ignition (don't know what yet), and possibly a Hi-Flow catalytic converter... If you want good info on modifying your 4-Banger go here ---> 4-Bangers United
Oh, yeah, and have LOADS of fun wrenchin on your Jeep®...

HighCountry 08-30-2001 11:04 PM

...and one more opinion! Don't ruin it by overloading the front end with a V8.


Pantera 08-31-2001 01:37 AM

LOL @ HighCountry...

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