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cj7kevin 12-30-2001 04:40 PM

AMC 360 questions
I have a 78 cj7 that i have completely rebuilt from the frame up. Rebuilt t150 trans. The 304 engine in my jeep is in need of rebuild or replacement. It has an oil leak from the rear main that i cant seem to get rid of. I have even replaced the main bearings in hopes that this would solve the problem. But now it leaks only when it is cold. I also think it has little blow-by. I could live with that for now but not the leak.
I have access to a complete 360 from the bellhousing forward at a resonable price. The engine does not use or leak oil. I could purchase this engine and drop it in or maybe save to rebuild it first.

My question is, since this is a daily driver jeep what kind of gas mileage could i get out of the 360 with my 3.56 gears? The 304 i have is getting around 16 to 18mpg.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the oil leak from my 304?

horatio102 12-31-2001 11:16 AM

I would guess 14-16.
That's pure speculation though. I'm getting a miserable 8mpg with mine, but it's a 3-speed auto, 4bbl, 5000 pound truck with 4.11 gears.

BurlyJ10 01-07-2002 03:33 PM

My mom has an 82 CJ5 with a 4 in lift and 33's with a 360 in it and she gets around 14-18 in town id say. its real easy for that engine to push that light car around economilcally. Im not sure of her gear setup but it is the stock gearing. Having driven her car, id say go for it. You will love the performance and the gas mileage aint bad either. Hope this helps.

BillR 01-08-2002 04:27 PM

The BEST I've gotten with mine has been 11 mpg! I also have an auto, 4-bbl, 33s, and 4:11s ;)

BurlyJ10 01-10-2002 03:58 PM

Dang, thats about what i get in town out of my J10 with 32's, a 360 ,a t-18 4spd and 4.10's. I get 7-11mpg around town(depending on how im driving :rolleyes:. best ive ever had was 13.7 on the highway, but for me thats 60mph and about 2900-3000 rpm.

Bill, i hear if ya take the chuck of lead out of the soul of your right shoe it helps gas mileage! :D
But, i suppose if you got it why not use it huh?

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