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Brendan 09-22-2001 11:26 AM

AMC 304 or chevy 350
I have an 88YJ with the 258 and Puegot POS. I want more power, preferabbly an 8. I'm only sixteen, so money is a factor, and complexity as well. I will most likely rebuild, and swap the engine myself. Any opinions are appreciated.

CJ junky 09-22-2001 08:58 PM

You will have to upgrade the transmission also. The puegot are junk and don,t not last with the stock 6 cylinder let alone a v8. Have you considered a chevy 4.3 v6? They have plenty of power and are easy to find. I suggest you take measurements of your trans/transfer case/bellhousing first. Next go to your salvage yard and see if they have a engine/trans/transfer from a chevy s10 4x4. This combination would be a simpler drop in since they use the same transfer case and the transmission is able to handle the power. Also you will have a lighter jeep since the chevy engine is about 150 pounds lighter.JP magazine has a write up about this set up. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP JEEPIN.

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