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hyedipin 08-05-2010 09:35 PM

Acceleration problem
When I come to a complete stop at an intersection and then hit the gas after waiting a little, it literally takes half a second or so (it feels like minutes) for engine to engage. I would understand if it actually revved and then started moving, but it feels like it takes a second for computer/jeep to recognize that I actually hit the gas/floored it.

Basically in some cases it is actually dangerous, the jeep would roll forward at idle rpm towards the traffic or if I am on a downhill two way for left turn, and then I hit the gas thinking I can beat the oncoming traffic, but in some cases I hang there like a deer and then finally it would start moving.

What could be the problem? Anyone heard or experienced something like this with any of their vehicles? BTW I have code P0700, and the dealership did not even pull this code the last time I dropped my jeep there. I am thinking of going back there, since I am right at 69500 miles.

Flyordie 08-05-2010 10:23 PM

A Little Jess Jeep Dealership Mechanic I asked said P0700 = Transmission.

However, from what you are saying is, the engine doesn't respond to your input on the gas peddle as fast as you would like. So, maybe look into that code. These newer cars are all tied together with electrical equipment I suspect various parts of the car can "talk" to eachother and adjust timings, fuel/mix ratios ect to make the car run better.

The time now is 11:34 PM.

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