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johndunn1994 01-16-2013 06:35 PM

97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Starter?
My Jeep runs and turns on fine, unless it sits for awhile. Like when i'm at work or overnight when i'm in bed. When i go to turn the key it sounds like it wants to turn over so i hold it for about 15-20 secs and nothing. So i let go and then turn it a second time and it starts. But sometimes it makes a loud grinding noise in the process of doing this. Is this a sign of a bad starter/starter going bad? Please help !!! :highfive:

mnkjoe 01-19-2013 10:19 AM

It sounds like your starter might be on its way out. the fact that you hear a grinding noise might mean your starter is spinning but not engageing. on the other hand it could be your battery if nothing happens at all when you turn the key.

Hope this points you in the right direction!

Reggelv2 01-26-2013 05:48 PM

One of several possible issues ... first and likely, starter worn out, flat spot on the armature. Second, Jeeps do not have the best electrical systems. Clean battery posts, cables and especially the grounds to the chassis from the negative battery cable and the ground straps to the engine. Next, if/when you replace the starter, also replace the battery cables (both). Don’t go cheap on these, get good ones. The corrosion you see on the posts also gets into the cable itself. Last, carry a big hammer (ball peen). At midnight or when you are running behind schedule (that’s when it happens) when it won’t start, smack the starter a few times to nudge the armature a bit. Voice of experience on the last one.

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