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Tom77798 08-26-2013 06:30 PM

2001 xj sport wont start when hot outside?
I have a 2001 Cherokee Sport.. Love my XJ.. But lately with this Texas heat being redonkulous it's been acting up... If it sits all day in the heat or a parking lot it won't start and fuel gauge won't work.. Once it cools down outside it'll start fine. Is it the fuel pump?? If so what is the best brand and or part number? Thanks!

glansber 09-04-2013 07:17 PM

I have a similar fault on my Jeep 2005 WK; I had a hard time with Sears. I explained that my car keeps dying out and it appeared to have a hard time starting. It seemed to be worse when the Jeep had been sitting hot in the parking lot after driving 20 miles to work and sitting all day in the parking lot. Day after day it got harder to turn over and start. Sears said the battery tested fine and said my charging system was fine. But after a few visits they gave me a new battery under warrant and eventually said the battery was faulting. So, 4 months later, new battery same problem is back. When the days are not so hot, my Jeep starts okay but it is like something is pulling life from the battery.

Tom77798 09-04-2013 07:38 PM

Hmmmm.. Idk about man.. That almost sounds like maybe a short or something. Idk mine just would turn over. And acted like it had no fiel or spark. And the Fuel gauge wouldn't show. If I let it sit over night and try it the next morning it would start fine.. I went ahead and started at the fuel pump. Installed a Bosch fuel pump. Solved some of my phantom issues I had but would still do the same hot weather deal.. I finally got a "no bus" message on the odometer. After researching a million threads I found it could either be a bad plug/ground connection or the crankshaft position sensor. So I have literally looked at every connection, cleaned them. Still did it. I ordered a Mopar CPS sensor.. Hopefully this week when I get it it'll take care of the issues.. On yours I would start at disconnecting the radio. Then making sure no lights are on, no doors open, etc.. (No power being used) Then disconnect the positive cable from the battery. Rub the cable connections on the positive battery terminal.if u see some sparks it may be a short that bleeds your battery down. Combined with high temps can drain a battery. Much like the cold. If there is a short short then track it down. Maybe start there man, I'm an avid DIY guy but no mechanic. So I hope that helps your jeep.

Tom77798 09-04-2013 07:40 PM

And also may be a bad starter. My brother had a Chevy that would start fine when cold. When it warmed up would barely start. We changed the starter and a year later it has been great..

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