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wrightm975 05-22-2013 11:52 PM

2000 Cherokee "broke piston" Am I wasting my time?
I am a college student and my Toyota Corolla is on its last leg, oh well, I bought it for $500 and replaced a few minor parts to make it to 250k miles. Now I am looking into buying another vehicle that has problems that I could possibly fix or have a mechanic fix (if I'm not capable of doing so) I recently came across a 2000 Jeep Cherokee not to far away but owner believes it has a "broke piston". He said he dropped the oil pan and that their were pieces of piston inside, and that it was "probably a bad engine and locked up, looks like rod in cylinder wall". He is asking $1000 firm. I was wondering if this was a fair price? And if I don't have to replace the engine what parts would I need to replace (camshaft, injectors, valves etc) as well as the pistons seeing how something caused this to happen in the first place. And is it possible with a broken rod to tell if the transmission is in good condition? A new engine would be expected but a tranny problem would kill me. OR AM I JUST WASTING MY TIME!?

wrightm975 05-22-2013 11:57 PM

Well...I told him my situation as well and asked for his honesty and he said the "engine would need to be replaced, at least short block"...I still feel that with the time and new engine I would benefit more from this Jeep than another vehicle for the same price of Jeep and repairs that I would get from a thing you know I bought a lemon and am stuck in the same situation

tp72chev 05-23-2013 06:51 AM

To determin if this is a good price you need to take the book value as if the vehicle was in operating condition and then subtract the cost of the engine replacement. I am an engine builder specializing in jeeps and the high end performance industry. I can tell you that the reason the piston came apart was because of varnish buildup on the wrist pin causing the piston skirt to slap the cylinder wall on upstroke. The rod will usually then crack the cylinder wall. In most cases you can have the block sleeved and with a new set of pistons your all set. I have bough, fixed, and sold 11 jeeps with this exact problem and am working on my 12 th. if you know how to build an engine or even install a used one this could be a good buy.

JeepingJustin 05-26-2013 03:30 PM

Try an talk him down in price. It's not running an can take awhile to find a used motor or rebuild. A short block would be the fast way of doing it but it could still end up costing you 800-1200 on top of 1k for the jeep. Plus any install prices if you can't do it yourself.

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