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dirttrack34 06-20-2013 01:46 AM

1993 2.5 backfires sputters
ok so i am working on my brothers 93 wrangler with a 2.5 the story goes a couple months ago his battery died and would never charge change alt and didnt fix it found it blew the two maxi fuses ......after that it started running rough and just got worse now it will crank and idle rough then clear up soon as you go to drive it and put it und load it boggs down if you accelerate it backfires it pops and just runs rough can not make it to fourth gear it will just pop and backfire also it gets worse as gets warmer sometime you can drive it and shut it off and wont crank back up for a few mins .....i have changed distrib cap wires rotor temp sensor map sensor fuel pressure reg coil checked for vaccum leaks checked for bad wires clean fuel rail got fuel pressue please any advice and stumped and broke now the way its 4x4 5 speed on 31,s:confused::confused:

The time now is 10:03 PM.

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