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yanksno1 10-29-2012 07:10 PM

09 JK jerking when in overdrive
Ok..Im getting a little annoyed now. I have an 09 jk. When driving it has some minor jerking at certain points over 45mph. Its not sever ..just almost like its a short spudder or hitting a small bump. I turn the OD off and it runs great. I changed out the TPS as I thought that might be the issue. Any suggestions on how to get this fixed. I drive a ton and always at highways speeds. It seems to be wthe wrst at 55 65 and 70. Its seems to not do it over 75 and again only when OD is on. Ive been driving with the OD off and Ive noticed my mileage getting a little worse

The time now is 06:59 AM.

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