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Cara91997 01-08-2014 01:13 PM

05 liberty misfire
I need advice! I have an 05 liberty with 78,000 miles on it. I bought it brand new and have maintained it religiously. I used to bring it to the dealership for all repairs but then after warranty was up I found a very reliable mechanic who does it on the side and we have used him for almost 5 years now.

My check engine light came on and there was a smell of rotten eggs. The car was hesitating quite a bit. Mechanic took it and said it was another bad coil. He replaced a coil for me 2 years ago and now I needed a new one. Once the coil was replaced he first thought it was fine then said it was still hesitating with no code. Then the check engine light came back on and started flashing. He again checked all the coils and said different coils were then misfiring. He said I need a valve job and he was 100% sure that was the problem. Since he does my work on the side he didn't have the time to do the valve job himself and said to take it to the dealership because they will have all the parts and be able to do it quicker. He warned me it would be expensive.

The dealership is stating I do NOT need a valve job. They said since my mechanic used an aftermarket coil and not a Jeep/Chrysler coil that is what is causing the misfire. They said that my particular vehicle MUST have the factory made coils and not an aftermarket one and they were surprised my tech didn't know this. They also said I need a fuel induction and something with the coolant. They are charging me $600 which is better than a valve job.

The problem is my mechanic stands by his work. He said he used the right coil and he used the same one last time he replaced a coil. He is saying jeep is wrong and my car will continue to misfire and they aren't fixing it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to sink $600 in it and Not fix the problem. I do trust my mechanic. Has anyone ever heard that the liberty must have the name brand coil?? Can an aftermarket coil cause these problems? When I got it back from my mechanic it was shaking very badly and check engine light was blinking as opposed to staying on solidly.

Gates72ss 01-09-2014 07:16 PM

The blinking is usually the car counting misfires...
The rotten egg smell makes me think catalytic converter may be bad or clogged up..Although it could just be the extra fuel making its way into the cat...
I would ask the dealership if they guarantee the problem goes away for the price, put it in writing...

tjkj2002 01-09-2014 07:20 PM

I see a lot of bad aftermarket coils at work.They refuse to try and sell the customers OE coils but end up getting one(or all) for free a few weeks later when the aftermarket one(s) fail.Talking about those cheap china made types from companies like BW and standard(among others).

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