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rustywrangler 05-30-2008 05:20 AM

Rules and Guidelines for the Street Jeep section
Rule and guidelines for posting


-ILLEGAL STREET RACING- Any and all talk about illegal street racing will be deleted and the poster warned/banned. Jeepforum does not allow/permit any illegal activity and this includes street racing.
Discussion of street racing at the track, or at a legit venue is just fine.

-Etiquette - Flaming, name calling, or other personal attacks will not be tolerated. Everyone has opinions, and if you disagree with someone please feel free to voice your disagreement but do so in a respectful manner. Jeep Forums is a PG-13 forum, so swearing is to be kept at a minimum. Certain words are prohibited, and will be filtered out automatically or edited. Do not push this policy. Posting nudity, porn or posts with sexual content is prohibited and will be strictly enforced. Abusers of this policy (or the other rules that follow) will have their login-IDs or IP addresses banned from using

There is a zero-tolerance policy in effect for slander, harassment and off-topic bickering in the technical forums.

If someone is harassing you in technical threads report them and never respond to them. If you participate even to only defend yourself you are part of the problem and are just as guilty.

This is your only warning. If you participate in off-topic bickering, slander or harassment in the technical forums you will be banned from

Help keep the technical forums technical!

- Keep your messages on topic. For this message group, that means talking about all aspects reguarding the Street Jeep Scene. You may talk about the problems, desires, capabilities, modifications, ideas and loves / hates that you have about your Jeep. The moderators will allow a certain amount of "off-topic" messaging, but please do not push it.

- Help us moderate the forum, on ever single message on the left side under the name of the person posting you will find an icon that looks like this: Clicking on that button will allow you to write a detailed message to the moderator (or if there is no moderator, to the administrators) as to why the message needs to be fixed. Please let us know if it is porn, spam, slamming another user or any other details you feel are relevant.

- Pictures maybe posted with your messages. Refer to the guidelines for posting pictures in the Jeep Registry which explains how you can post a picture.

-Reposts- Please do not post and repost your questions several times over as the answers are not always immediate. Some people will refrain from answering questions even after reading them if they cannot prove their points of view or question their own knowledge of the particular issue you are having.

- Padding- Posts that are nothing but "padding" the post-counter (ie: "I agree") will not be tolerated for long. If you agree, say so, but please add more to the discussion, you do have opinions that you can share!

As times and members change within this group, some questions maybe asked over and over again ...
- - For the oldtimers, please be patient with those who are new.
- - To those who are new, you can search the online databases for answers to your questions. If you feel the answers found do not satisfy you, please don't hesitate to post your question here.
- - Sometimes the answers you are looking for may be in other sections, check there as well.
- - Don't forget the general sections under "OffRoad Performance" as there is lots of great information in there as well.

Now that being said, enjoy the forum and the knowledge that there is to learn here.

Thank you,

The Moderators

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