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dr_mac 10-20-2013 08:25 AM

xj or mj which way to go ?
This shows as my first post. However I 'm sure I reg years before . Well I'm getting older so may have my mind all muddled up .

I have several jeeps .Wifes 2000 4.0 xj , 89 4.0 xj , 89 parts 4.0 xj , 87 2.5 mj .
Been thinking about what to do with them . Also have a wj that has a 4.7 that is another problem in it's own . Looking at rebuilding that motor if it is still good.

The 2000 runs fine . One 89 may have a bad head gasket , other 89 was for parts is rusted and i never started it . the mj has a worn out 2.5 4 speed.

So what do I do strip one of the 89s for the mj with has very little rust on it ?
Install a om617 in the mj
I have a 3 inch lift for a 89 xj so that will be getting used in something .

Also have a couple om617engine and tranny's put up

I do not trail drive or extreme 4x4 stuff. Just down my drive way mainly . Which some may say is a trail and not a road . lol

Looking at ideals as hate to just let them all sit

Rtracy2001 10-20-2013 09:32 AM

A quick search of vehicles for sale in my area revealed that the closest MJ for sale was more than 1,100 miles away, 2wd and $13,000. An MJ with a 4.0L HO, or even a custom 4.7L stroker would be a great rig for mild trails or even a really cool grocery getter. You seem to have enough parts just lying around to get it done on the cheap too.

I vote "build the MJ."

Do realize however, that I am weird. I like the unique and different.

LimeLJ 10-20-2013 11:49 AM

XJs are just parts for MJs. :D

Motorcharge 10-20-2013 04:19 PM

I'm leaning more and more towards getting an MJ myself. I really don't need the extra room in my XJ anymore and an MJ is a lot more suitable for what I want to do for a build anyway.

JeepN4KC 10-20-2013 04:28 PM

If you wanted the best of both worlds just get an MJ and fab up a "camper shell" - I dunno if they make one to buy. You'd essentially have a 2 seater XJ with covered cargo area.

dr_mac 10-20-2013 04:30 PM

I will have to do some research on the 87 mj short box 4x4 to the 89 4.0 drive train .

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