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Motorcharge 06-04-2012 06:59 PM

XJ/MJ Non-Technical Section FAQs - Please Read!
Welcome to the Jeep Cherokee Non-Tech forum and thank you for reading this thread. The purpose of this thread is to provide you with basic information that you will need before you begin posting and to answer basic non-tech questions that seem to get asked over and over and only serve to clutter the forum. Please note this section is for the XJ Cherokee (1984-2001) ONLY. If you have questions or information regarding full size Cherokees (1974-1983) or Grand Cherokees please go to the following sections:
Full Size Jeep Forum
Grand Cherokee & Commander Forums Group

Make sure you fill in your Jeeps information in your profile so other people know what parts you have. This will help speed up getting answers to questions. Also, make sure to register your XJ and check out the other XJs in the registry here: Jeep Registry - XJ Cherokee

How to add your Jeep to the Registry - Announcements in Forum : JeepForum Announcements & Comments

Make sure to introduce yourself too!

Read Before Posting:
You should read this entire thread, but the following links are especially important and contain lots of good information.
Absolutely read this before posting. The FAQ covers 100s of topics and will most likely answer the question you were going to ask anyway.
If you have a question about anything stock related you'll most likely find it in this thread. From motors, axles, transmission, transfer case info, ect to what years came with what trim levels.

If you have a question regarding general information on parts, but not necissarily related to XJ, post it in the appropriate section here:
General Technical Discussions

Jeep Builds
If you've put a lot of time and effort into your XJ and want to post a build thread, do so in the Build Threads section. Share with the whole forum, everyone loves a good XJ.

Jeep Picture Requests
Have a picture request? Theres a section just for that. :thumbsup:
EVERYONE inevitably asks about lifts. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of threads on the subject. If you have a question about anything regarding a lift, use the search function, odds are it has already been asked and answered. It's always better to reply to an existing thread than to create a new one.

Low cog suspension setup, tips/tricks - SiSOffRoad Forums
Low center of gravity setups tend to get overlooked here. Here's a great source of info on them.
Jeepforum.coms rules. Familiarize yourself with them.

Forum Etiquette:
Read and know the rules, it's going to keep you from getting banned.

When you post, at least make an attempt to have your post be readable and coherent. You don't need to be a gramar nazi, we understand its the internet, but a comma to break up thoughts and a period to end a sentence go a long way.

You don't need to capitalize everything, theres no need to yell at us and it just makes things annoying to read.

If you ask "y" because it's shorter than "why" we're likely to answer you with "no" because it's shorter than "yes".

Don't troll. If you want to make off topic posts and generally be annoying, go do it in General Discussion.

Bear in mind this is a family friendly forum.

Be civil. No ones telling you you can't disagree with someone or something, but theres no need to be rude.

You don't need a thousand exclamation points. You just don't.

Don't post your problem in an unrelated thread, it's just rude.

Dont post "empty" or useless responses, such as just "lol" or "cool." Only post responses when you have something to contribute.

Have some patience if your question doesn't get answered right away. Not everyone sits on these forums 24/7. Sometimes you might have to wait for a reply.

Act like an adult. If you're on this forum the odds are pretty good you're at least old enough to drive which means you should be old enough to show a little maturity.

Search Function:
I can't stress how much you need to use the search function. This site has been here for several years, odds are your question has been asked and answered several times. If you need additional information past what search gives you or the threads you find don't quite answer your questions make sure you check the Similar Threads at the bottom of the thread. If you still don't have an answer to your question, ask!

This guide is pasted and slightly modified from *Unlimited04's excellent guide on the search function. The original can be found here:

Here's a tutorial in how to use the search function on this forum.


At the top of the screen, on the banner it says "My Account", FAQ, New Posts...and most importantly, "Search".

The Google Custom Search
If you click "Search" with your mouse, you will see a drop-down box. This is the Google Custom Search designed for this forum. This is a great way to find something if you know exactly what you're looking for - you know the terminology and the exact wording. This function searches everything on JeepForum - all subforums and all threads. It will return multiple pages of information in a very broad, unordered manner if you enter very common wording or terms.

If you want to find specific information, like info on 6" lifts for XJ models, then follow the Advanced Search guidelines. If you can't find what you are looking for with the Google Custom Search, click "Advanced Search" in the top right side of the window.

The Advanced Search - Finding What You Want
The real power of the search function is the PHP Search. This can be accessed by RIGHT clicking the Search button, like described above, but this time choose "Open in New Window". It can also be accessed from the Google Custom Search page by clicking "Advanced Search" in the top right side of the window. Please note that this is available to Premium Members only and a great reason to purchase a membership.

Direct link: - Search Forums

The Power of Advanced Search: image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1023x383.
1. Enter the terms you wish to look for:
Examples: "6 inch XJ lift", "Rubicon Express track bar mount", or "Spidertrax wheel spacers".
2. You can search the entire post, or just the title. Since threads can get cluttered with useless info and "trolling", this can be useful to narrow your search.
3. This section can be used to further narrow your search.
For example: You can find only current information from the last 3 months.
4. This section can be used to find posts by specific members.
For example: If you want to find the Cold Air Intake FAQ thread, enter "Unlimited04" in this box, and "Cold Air Intake FAQ" in location (1)
5. This is one of the most powerful tools of the Advanced Search. This section allows you to search specific subforums, without searching others.
For example: If you want to find information on Cold Air Intakes on XJs, then enter "Cold Air Intake" in location (1), and scroll down and click "XJ Technical Forum" in location (5)
6. Click SEARCH NOW to find what you're looking for!

Threads TO Post In This Section:
Non-technical threads related to XJs. XJ stories, questions about peoples XJ related opinions, wheeling pictures, generic XJ questions, ect.

Threads NOT To Post In This Section:
Picture Request Threads
"What does X year XJ look like with X amount of lift and X size tires?"
"What size tires will fit X amount of lift?"
Mileage threads
"How many miles are on your XJ?" threads
For further explanation of what is appropriate/inappropriate to post in this section read this thread.

How To Post Pictures:
Before you can post pictures and have them show up, you need to have 50 posts. Only posts in tech sections will count towards your post count, but please don't post grind just to post pictures.

The following will tell you how to post pictures. Even if you don't have 50 posts yet, use this method anyway so your pictures will show up when you do get to 50 and it will make it easier for other people to quote you to have your pictures show up until you do get 50 posts.

1. Host your image. Sites like Photobucket, Tinypic, Imageshack are excellent for this. If you have a Premium Membership you can host your photos on Jeep Forum.
2. Once your picture is uploaded and hosted, right click the image and select "Copy Image Location" (wording will vary depending upon browser.
3. Click this picture in the posting options and paste the image URL into the pop up and hit ok.
Another good guide on posting pictures.

Important Stickies and Threads:

Premium Membership: - Announcements in Forum :

If you find this forum useful, buy a membership! It helps support the site and keep it running. What's $30 when this site will save you quite possibly thousands? You also get several benefits including an avatar, photo hosting, changeable usernames, advanced search options, and many other great features. Click the link above for further explanation and pricing.

*Please note, all credit goes to Unlimited04 for the guide on the Search function.

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