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Keith 05-30-2008 11:35 AM

What is the Point of This Forum?
For awhile now we have had a no banter, technical only, policy in the Model forums. It's tough to police at times but it's in effect and Moderators do act on it.

We understand though that some people come to JF only to look at the Model forums and do not leave them.

Therefore in the three major Model groups (Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee) we have put General Discussion forums.

These forums are for Model related topics that are not or might not be technical. The rules will be more relaxed than the technical forums to promote community.

The two main points of doing this is;

- Attempt to make the Technical forums more Technical.
- Promote community through general discussion and banter not allowed in the Technical threads.

Please do not post real General topics like political, movie, job, etc. Those go in the main General Discussion forum;

EricsXJ 11-17-2008 12:56 AM

What threads are appropriate for this section?
This is the General Discussion section about the Jeep Cherokee. This post is to inform you of what type of threads should go in this section versus the others. Currently we have 3 sections for the Cherokee and they are:

Cherokee Technical Section
Cherokee Non-Technical Section <---- you are here.
Comanche Technical Section

What type of threads should be posted here?

Basically, anything that is NOT a technical question but still XJ/MJ related. Some real examples of appropriate threads already posted here are:
you know you drive an XJ when... (humorous, entertaining thread about the XJ and its drivers)
lessons learned... got took on this jeep deal (general talk about a jeep you just bought)
G/F wrecks the Jeep.... (tell others about your misfortunes, or successes)
North American XJ Associations 25th Anniversary in MOAB (talk about National or regional XJ events)
Should I buy a XJ or a WJ? (because this doesn't really belong in the Tech section its okay here)
What my XJ/MJ got for Christmas (Because there's a thread about this every year... its inevitable)
Picture requests (Try using the search function. We don't need a What will my XJ look like with 3" lift and 31's? thread every day and besides there is already a XJ Lift Setups thread in the Tech section so there are plenty of pictures there)

What type of threads should be NOT posted here?

Do NOT post technical questions in this section. That's what the "Cherokee Technical Section" is for! Examples of threads that should not be posted here are:
- maintenance questions (post in the Cherokee Tech section)
- aftermarket product discussion (post in the Cherokee Tech section)
- "How are brand X tires compared to brand Y tires?" type threads (post in the Tires / Wheels section since it is in no way specific to the XJ)
- "What trails are near where I live?" type threads (post in the Wheeling Neighborhood)
- general discussion threads not about the Cherokee or Comanche (try the general General Discussion section ;) )

Get the idea? Keeping the topics separated and posted in the appropriate sections should lead to a more enjoyable forum experience by all.

PS. One more thing: Please use the SEARCH feature. This website has been around for 7 years or so. Surely your question has been asked before.

chris87xj 07-03-2015 11:36 AM

What if I see something I don't think is appropriate?
The best way to deal with posted content that you don't like or feel is inappropriate or misplaced, is to click the Report Post button > which will generate a notice for the forum staff.
You can find this icon at the bottom left of every post.

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