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BomberJeep 06-22-2012 05:31 PM

Project-XJ...My attempt at an XJ build/revival
Changed the thread over to a build/revival thread to document the issues that I either have currently or come across during the process of making this XJ something (whatever it may be). Ill take some more pics when the time is afforded to me. Plus I came across a slick new (to me) camera that I will be using to take the pictures.

Heres the build sheet. Other than the fact that its 2wd its not too bad.

Jeep Cherokee (4x2) (Left Hand Drive) (Cherokee Limited VIN seq. 178146 & above)

Vehicle equipped with: ERH 4.0L Power Tech I-6 / DGS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 Transmission
Built: May 05, 1998

Code Description
*DL Prem Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats
165S Zone 65-New Orleans
1AAS U.S. Dealer Retail
26H Customer Preferred Package 26H
2THA Customer Preferred Package 2TH
3VUA Customer Preferred Discount
610S Florida State Code
910S Florida State Code
A20P 4.0L Engine(ERH)/4Sp Auto Trans(DGS
ADAP Light Group
APAS Monotone Paint
ARTP Classic Decor Group
ASTP Limited Group
AWHP Power Equipment Group
BAUS 117 Amp Alternator
BCDS 500 Amp Maintenance Free Battery
BGAS Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes
-C3 Mist Gray
CACP Low Back Bucket Seats
CBZP Prem Vinyl Door Trim w/Map Pocket
CDBS Reclining Front Seats
CFMS Rear Folding Seat
CGGS Traveling Inboard Seat Belt Buckle
CGWS Next Generation Front Air Bags**
CKAS Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area
CKNS Cargo Compartment Carpet
CKTS Cargo Tie Down Loops
CKXS Plastic Liftgate Trim Panel
CLEP Front & Rear Floor Mats
CSAP Spare Tire Cover
CSCP Cargo Compartment Cover
CSRS Passenger Assist Handles
CSSS Illuminated Rear Assist Handles
CUFS Full Length Floor Console
CUNP Overhead Console
DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions
DGSS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 Transmission
DHAP Lock-Up Torque Converter
DHSP Floor Mount Automatic Shift Lever
DMDP 3.55 Axle Ratio
DRAS Corporate 8.25 Rear Axle
EAAC All Engines
ERH 4.0L Power Tech I-6 Engine
GALP Deep Tint Sunscreen Glass
GBBS Tinted Windshield Glass
GCBS Front Door Tinted Glass
GEEP Deep Tint Sunscreen Liftgate Glass
GFAP Rear Window Defroster
GNAS Rear View Day/Night Mirror
GNCP Sun Visors w/Illum Vanity Mirrors
GTZP Manual Remote Mirrors
GVBC All Vehicles W/Power Mirrors
GXMP Remote Keyless Entry
HAAP Air Conditioning
HGDS Deluxe Insulation Group
JAYP Instrument Cluster w/Tach
JBGP Instrument Panel Woodgrain Bezel
JCDS 100 MPH Primary Speedometer
JHAS Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers
JHBP Rear Window Wiper/Washer
JJAS Cigar Lighter
JJBS Dual Note Electric Horns
JJJS 12V Auxiliary Power Outlet
JPAP Power Windows
JPBP Power Locks
JPSP Power 6-Way Driver Seat
LAJS Headlamps On Warning Chimes
LBBP Courtesy Lamps
LBCS Glove Box Lamp
LDAP Underhood Lamp
LDBP Cargo Compartment Lamp
LHDP Headlamp Off Time Delay
LMAS Halogen Headlamps
LNJ Fog Lamps
MBPP Body Color Front Bumper
MBQP Body Color Rear Bumper w/Step Pads
MCAS Front Bumper Guards
MDA Front License Plate Bracket
MFKP Body Color Grille
MHAS Black Windshield Moldings
MMCS Upper Door Frame Moldings
MMGS Belt Moldings
MMKS Body Color Drip Trough Molding
MNAS Black Door Handles
MWGP Roof Rack
NAA Federal Emissions
NBKS EVAP Control System
NFAS 20 Gallon Fuel Tank
NHMP Speed Control
PR4 Flame Red Clear Coat
QR4S Flame Red Clear Coat
RAAC All Radio Equipped Vehicles
RAZ AM/FM Cassette Compact Disc Radio
RCRP 4 Speakers
RDDP Fixed Long Mast Antenna
SBAS Power Rack and Pinion Steering
SCGP Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
SDAS Normal Duty Suspension
SHAS Front Stabilizer Bar
SHCS Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars
SUAP Tilt Steering Column
TBCS Compact Spare Tire
TBLS Inside Mounted Spare Tire
TRVP P225/70R15 Eagle GA OWL AS Tires
TZAP Goodyear Brand Tires
WJ7P 15X7.0 Luxury Aluminum Wheels
WLZC All Aluminum Wheels
XCYS Delete Remote Start System
XJFS Tethered Fuel Filler Cap
YAAS Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications
YGFA 8 Additional Gallons of Gas
Z1BS GVW/Payload Rating
ZFJP Spring - Left Front
ZFTP Spring - Left Rear
ZUJP Spring - Right Front
ZUTP Spring - Right Rear

SpideYJeep 06-24-2012 04:21 PM

From who/where did you request the build sheet?

jp76 07-05-2012 10:20 PM

Unless I missed something, I did not see a price. They basically come ready to swap a couple parts, punch out a couple panels and have a 4 wheel drive. A good time to address the suspension with a lift as well. This is not a difficult conversion, assuming you get a killer deal on the fact that it is a 2 wheeler. Price, mileage, condition...?

BomberJeep 07-18-2012 07:59 PM

Sorry I just realized you guys posted.

I picked her up for a grand and put about 300 into her just to make it safe to drive 1000 miles back from Pensacola FL to Virginia Beach VA.

Im currently working on all the little issues that could possibly cause it to fail a state inspection.

So far I have
-replaced a brand new front brake rotor due to a bad casting. I no longer have a thump in the brakes.
-Bled all 4 corners and flushed out as much of the old fluid as I could.
-Replaced the dim headlights. The ones that were in there had no reflective surface left basically causing the light to just bounce around and not project out.
-Replaced both front window tracks and motors so now all my windows work
-Replaced both front door switches to also fix the windows
-Replaced the factory head unit and subsequently fixing the speakers that didnt work because the head unit was toast
-Cleaned out the NSS so now my reverse lights work.
-Currently working on the exhaust because the cat was basically toast and sounded like marbles inside of a tin can.

Still have to monkey with the fog lights to get them to work but I think Im going to have to replace them as well

I still have some odds and ends that need attention but they are mainly cosmetic

As far as the web site that I got the build sheet from I cant remember off the top of my head. As soon as I figure it out I will let you all know.

Red82 07-18-2012 09:06 PM

Hey I'm in VA Beach too! There's a few sweet xjs running around town. Are you in a club? We've got a big trip planned for Saturday to Corolla with Jeepforum, Cherokeeforum, and HRJC. You should join us!

NJXJ91 07-18-2012 09:38 PM

Put up some pictures!

What are your plans? Converting to 4x4? What about exhaust upgrades?

BomberJeep 07-19-2012 04:55 PM

Ive named her Project-XJ. I currently dont have any major plans yet because my main project has been my TJ and the XJ was going to be my parts hauler and back up for when the TJ has to go down for another round of mods or repair. Phase 1 for the XJ is mainly making her road worthy/legal in Virginia because she has spent her entire life in Florida and has a plethora of little things that need to be fixed so I can just be legal.

Here are some of the pics.

This was the first pic I was able to get and it was from Google maps of all places. I had to map out my trip back from Pensacola since I happened to go down there on detachment.

After I got down there I picked it up from a mechanic cause my in laws thought the brakes felt funny. Well the mechaniic "replaced" the front brakes. Apparently he never took it for a drive cause there was a thumping every time you stepped on the brakes. I drove it for a day just trying to find any drivability issues.

The only one was the brake issue. I pulled the driver front wheel and found that the rotor had a bad casting and was thumping because of that.

the bad rotor

I also wound up replacing both window tracks, motors, and switches on the front doors with JY parts. I now have operable windows.

I then took her to work one night and noticed that I couldnt see anything because the headlights had 0 reflective coating left so another trip to the parts store netted me 2 brand new headlights. The difference was literally night and day.

Here are the 2 new headlights

The head unit had 2 volume settings off and low. Also the front 2 speakers didnt work. I convinced the wife to let me get a new stereo so I could at least have some tunes and volume control for the 1000 mile drive back. I picked this Sony H/U up for 79 bucks at pep boys. And would you know the front 2 speakers work now. Guess the OEM unit was worse than I thought.

Here is a quick pic of the JY donor down in Pensacola. It was at Butler u-pull-it. Good people to deal with. They gave military discounts and were able to point me right to it.

I also decided to bleed as much of the old brake fluid out as I could so I could have fresh fluid. No pics of that but we all know what it looks like.

So then began the 1000 mile journey back home. She was safe enough mechanically to make the trip. Also want to give a big shout out to the Holiday Inn express down there for not wanting to kill me for doing all the work in their parking lot.

Pic from NAS Pensacola at a buoy storage area.

Topping off the tank as I was leaving

As I started to leave the gas station my check gauges light came on and said I had no oil pressure. Awesome way to start. I checked the fluid level and she was actually 2 quarts low even though my in laws said that the oil was just changed. Im guessing they didnt add enought cause there are no leaks on the motor anywhere. So I added the required amount and low and behold I had pressure. Good. So the journey began.

Stopped at South of the Border and took a quick pic

Got her home with no issues.

And now into the garage with her.

I noticed that the reverse lights didnt come on so a quick search netted me some info about the NSS. It was pretty easy to take apart and rehab. Granted I had to do it twice because I forgot to clean the contact springs on the arm.

NSS on the workbench.

After everything was said and done I have reverse lights.

BomberJeep 07-19-2012 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by Red82 (Post 13888271)
Hey I'm in VA Beach too! There's a few sweet xjs running around town. Are you in a club? We've got a big trip planned for Saturday to Corolla with Jeepforum, Cherokeeforum, and HRJC. You should join us!

Wish I could go. I have to work this weekend. Im trying to get the XJ buttoned up so I can get her inspected and then turn some attention to my TJ. I have a new set of Brown Dog motor mounts to put on her and hopefully finish the regear of the front axle sometime in the near future.

Oh and an obligatory pic of the TJ.

Red82 07-19-2012 08:30 PM

Ah what a shame. If you need any help on the xj ... Or the tj for that matter, shoot me a pm. My buddy and I are always looking help other Jeepers.

BomberJeep 07-19-2012 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by Red82
Ah what a shame. If you need any help on the xj ... Or the tj for that matter, shoot me a pm. My buddy and I are always looking help other Jeepers.

Will do man. I'm always lookin for help.

BomberJeep 07-20-2012 12:53 AM

Got some pics of the work on the exhaust. Ive broken my last cutting disk so Ill have to pick some up tomorrow before any more work can continue.

The cat was rattling a little bit when I left Florida and by the time I got home it sounded like marbles in a tin can.

Im going to pick up some flameproof paint to clean up the muffler so I dont have to deal with replacing it since it still works and has no holes.

BomberJeep 07-21-2012 02:52 PM

Picked up some new front seats for 20 bucks off of craigslist. Just gotta get them cleaned up and then installed.

Texsun 07-21-2012 02:54 PM

You actually stopped at south of the border, if thats the same one I am thinking of... its a ghost town!

BomberJeep 07-21-2012 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by Texsun (Post 13900188)
You actually stopped at south of the border, if thats the same one I am thinking of... its a ghost town!

Yeah at that point I had been driving since Jacksonville. Its a crappy tourist trap but It reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to drive from NJ to FL to see my grandparents. Granted we would never stop but it was a marker of distance. I remember when there used to be billboards for miles now there are only a few on each side.

Motorcharge 07-21-2012 04:11 PM

Is it that bad now? We used to stop there on the way to FL all the time when I was a kid to pickup fireworks.

The time now is 12:24 PM.

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