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Decimals 03-10-2013 04:35 AM

Project Toaster Crawler (org.3.10.13)
I will try and keep this updated as much as possible, I will also inclue write ups on items that you like if you would like them just please ask!:rtft:

Backstory: March 2012, I went out to TDS with my wifes family and rode spotter for my brother in law for that weekend... I had a blast honestly I had never been into offroading nor had I dont any kind of offroading, I thought offroading was what you did when you just drove on some random dirt road, but this truly interested me. I had no clue that you actually needed the person sitting in your passanger seat, and that you actually needed a brain to figure out where to stick your tires. After that year I made a promise that by TDS of 2013 I would have my own XJ.

Well come TDS of 2013 I kept my promise, my wife and I were there sporting our '89 Jeep XJ limited. I was lucky that I found it in october of 2012. I found the Jeep out in Hemet California from our local CL, a guy at a Tattoo Shop was selling it not sure why, but I believe I would find out.

Here is what I bought the XJ with

4" Lift- Unsure of lift manufacturer
Pro Comp shocks
31x10.50x15 BFG radial Long Trail (5)
Roof Rack
Front Tube Bumper/Fog lights
Upgraded Pioneer sound system

The Deal seemed to good to be true. The only draw back was that they replaced the ABS brakes with non ABS (thats not the draw back) and now they are having issues with the brake being overly spongy in the vehicle. The only other things that I noticed on the vehicle was that the welds on the roof rack were quite crappy and that it needed a good sanding and painting, the paint on the body was in desperate need of another clear coat, but that didnt matter I was going to make this my own either way

So I got the beast home, excited as hell and that next day I took it to get it smogged and what do you know it failed, HORRIBLY in fact it was a "Gross Polluter". So I had no clue what to do (at this time honestly new nothing about fixing vehicles, amazed how much I have learned. So I took it to my buddies shop and to his surprise it was quite a mystery at first until he pulled the egr valve and someone had shoved a penny inside the egr valve completly blocking it, after pulling this and replacing with a new valve she passed with flying colors.

Here is get you up to date on what has happened

A. While driving through town fuel pump decided it needed a union break and went out, had her towed to my buddies house and I put one in that night.

B. Installed some 100 W hallogens on the roof- Bright as hell

C. Replaced the 31x10.5x15 with some 33x12.50x15 BFG A/T

D. I have been trying to track down this stupid break issue and I am still at a loss but none the less I will continue to attempt to track it down.
-New Master Cylinder
-New Brake Calipers
-New Wheel Cylinder (on one side other side is stripped still waiting to do that)
-Cleaned out drums

E. Had a leak from Tranny Pan, serviced that... New gasket, new filter, fluid change

F. Installed CB, Antenna (having some issues with transmission but we will fix that soon)

SO the day before TDS my rear tire carrier fell off and I had to throw that tire up top

I will post pictures of all this stuff today when I get home from work sorry for no pictures as of yet.

Decimals 03-10-2013 11:14 AM

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Ok guys so here are some pictures these pictures are after I got my 33's put on it. Im stil rocking the 31" Spare but oh well... I will be updating a little bit later today, I have the day off so I will be able to work on it.

Decimals 03-11-2013 10:42 AM

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So last night I got the Hi-lift jack mounted took a little while probably beacuse I have OCD but it looks pretty good i think lol...

Decimals 03-11-2013 04:49 PM

New project later today... need to reconnect an air intake hose that became disconnected...

Project completed just kinda hard to take pictures of such!!!

Decimals 03-12-2013 03:03 PM

Ok so here is the priority list for the jeep for this year....

1.C8.25 axel, Im lazy and dont have a welder so im not going to ford 8.8
2. 4.88 gears
3. rear/front lockers
4. Frame Stiffiners/ Shackle relocation kit
5. upgrade to 6" lift
6. Long arm kit
7. Pull carpet and line inside and install drain plugs

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great

Camfam07 03-18-2013 01:29 PM

looks great keeps the pics a coming.

Decimals 03-18-2013 01:35 PM

Lol well this weekend we went to johnson valley put the toaster to the test did some rock crawling and it went well the body of the xj hates me now but it did well i will post some pics of the carnage a little later today

Decimals 03-18-2013 01:45 PM

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So to start with here are a few pictures from our johnson valley trip... i have a few more that I will be sending

Camfam07 03-18-2013 02:59 PM

looks great!

The time now is 04:58 PM.

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