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Trons 10-24-2013 08:37 PM

opinions, please
I'm not posting in tech, because I want opinions, not tech advice. I haven't posted lately because life, it gets in the way, sorry:

I have the chance to buy a '91 XJ for about $1000. It's got 270k on the ticker, 4.0, NP231. This will be a daily driver for my son till he can afford his own vehicle, then turns into a project for Dad.

I'm nervous about the mileage and the vacuum disconnect on the front axle. Pretty much everything else I've either done on my Jeep or helped somebody do on theirs, IF the motor and transmission are in good shape. Any reason I shouldn't buy it at that price?

I know it'll need work, what vehicle, at that price/age, wouldn't. Rear is sagging (I see a BB in the future with S10 springs and Ford Coils).

jeepster383 10-24-2013 10:24 PM

Vac diss sucks for the reason it fails. But I have it and I like it cause I was able to make my own cable lock for the fork in there and weld up the spider gears. Works great with my 31s good for on a budget and basicly free locker. So when I shift in 4wd it's realy 3wd till I pull my lever to engage the passenger side tire.

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