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whitexj98 08-16-2011 06:18 AM

My 98 build
I started this on the build page but it seems like someone starts a new one on a wrangler every 5 mins, figured it would get more response over here!

As it sits today:

-6.5 rusty’s coils
-Rubicon express super flex uppers/lowers
-Rough Country Drop Brackets
-Rusty’s HD track bar and bracket converted to Ruff stuff heims on both ends
-HD Shackle Brackets
-Rough country 2 inch shackles
-s-10 bastard pack
-ss brake lines

Dana 30
-Ruff stuff cover
-Alloy tube seals
-Full circle 5-760x u-joints
-chromo shafts
-Control arm skids, boxed passenger mount
-Poison spider tie rod

8.25 29 Spline
-No slip
-Ruff Stuff cover
-ZJ disk brakes
-Raised shock mounts
-Superior Shafts

-Home made/ custom front rear bumpers rear with swing out tire carrier
-Cut out rockers for rock rails
-T-case skid
-Stock gas tank skid

-Brown dog motor mounts
-Spot light mount (home made)
-No carpet/ herculiner
-B&M Trans cooler with gauge
-35x12.50r15 MTR Kevelars on black steel
-Bored thottle body

Well I figured I would make a build thread, even though I have been building it for the last 6 years. But here it goes…

I bought my jeep my senior year of high school, it was completely stock 1998 sport with 105k on it and it pretty good shape. When I bough it the guy gave me some 2 inch lift pucks for the front so what did I do the next day? Went to pep boys and bought some 2 inch lift blocks…I know I was young and dumb… not having the jeep more then 3 days it had all ready begun… I can’t find any pics of it at that point, didn’t even have a camera at that point. So I finished up senior year and head off to college with my XJ! I did do a few things, built a roof rack and put on some lights! Well I soon found the schools off road club and I didn’t take long before I wanted more! So after working all of Christmas break I bought my first lift kit, rough country 3inch with AAL…I know…dumb.

I stacked the 3 inch with 2 inch for around 5 inches with stock track bar, no SYE.. all ready sagging in the rear, I also got a set of 30inch off brand MTs from my brother. Wheeled like that for a while, also got a no slip for the rear which helped tons!

End of freshmen year, I had lots of plans for the summer, After spending the first month in South Korea for SAE Mini Baja, I came back with lots of plans..
After going thru 3 stock track bars I ordered up a rusty’s bar with HD bracket. Also added RC 2 inch shackles to try to fix the sag… and bought a set of 32s on black steel from a buddy

Got tired of loosing flares so decide to cut the fenders..

Also built a front bumper…

I had crazy Vibs, no SYE or T case drop, so got an AA SYE and ran a stock front shaft..

And got some good wheelin in

Summer was over so headed back to school. Got some more wheelin in..

On Christmas break I worked to buy more jeep stuff. Got some beef diff covers and built a rear tire carrier bumper. Can’t find any pics though… But kept on wheelin..

whitexj98 08-16-2011 06:19 AM

Summer came and I got an internship In Texas Didn’t want to drive the Jeep that far so I got a car for a DD, a sweet 2001 Chevy cavalier (savy cavy). Worked all summer and bought all kinds of good jeep stuff and had a list of stuff to do. Got back and started on the jeep. I had new 4.5 inch springs to go on, drop brackets, rough country adjustable lowers, lock right for the front and building S-10 bastard packs and rusty’s flex flares to go on. I also cut the rockers out and replaced with 2x4 3/16. Finished product, back to school and more wheelin..

Didn’t do much to the jeep, school got over and I got an internship in Yellow Stone, so headed out there and bought jeep parts and got ready for more stuff to do to the jeep.
Got back and put on some new tires! 33x12.50 firestone destination m/ts, did a trans cooler and gauge, added onto my sliders, put on HD shackle boxes, Rubicon express super flex uppers/ lowers, HD tie rod, and 6.5 inch rusty’s front coils, lost my doors and wheeled some more…

Used the jeep for more then wheelin also…

Won a drive shaft!

Didn’t do much during the year, summer came. I got an internship close to home so now I was able to work and wheel on the jeep during the summer. Mostly wheeled….

Back to school and ready for a new project, I’m in a Automotive program so we have all the tools need for gear set up so it was time for 4:56s and more wheelin..

The flairs just couldn’t hold up anymore so they had to go and when I had originally cut the rear I cut into the pinch seam so I fixed that too.

And that’s about the time I ran over my camera and have no replaced it yet…
Here is the most current pic of my jeep though, I got the rear fenders all welded up and lined them with linex. Also added some sliders onto the rear bumper.

So now I got one semester of school left and have one last project I really want to get done to fully utilize the stuff available at my school. I am going to build a waggy 44 for the front because I’m ready to go to 35s…. So once I get back to school I will continue to update this with a more in depth coverage of the waggy 44 build and install

whitexj98 10-05-2011 07:48 PM


35mtr kevelars...cant wait to wheel them...

robd2003 10-05-2011 08:07 PM

nice jeep :thumbsup: im trying to keep my xj low, 3" lift and 33's going to redo the aal in the rear with a different set up to get the lift as its still stiff.

whitexj98 10-05-2011 08:28 PM

yeah I want to drop mine down an inch or so.

Durt_Diver 10-05-2011 09:21 PM

nice jeep. one day i'll have a smiliar build. 5.5 3 or 4 link with 35's

whitexj98 10-08-2011 07:52 PM

Got some stuff built today...

made some bump stop plates:

Put a stinger on, I have some 1.25 DOM tubing ordered to add some side bracing to it:

And made a track bar bracket brace. Its made from 1" .120.

whitexj98 10-20-2011 05:17 PM

Finished Bumper! Heading off to do some wheelin tomorow, cant wait to try out the new tires..

lk123 10-20-2011 05:31 PM

what kind of flares are those? and i Love your rear slider thingys

JeepXJMike20 10-20-2011 05:31 PM

nice build man. nice jeep.

whitexj98 10-20-2011 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by lk123 (Post 12358083)
what kind of flares are those? and i Love your rear slider thingys

Rustys flex flares, they didn't flex so well up against rocks so I took them off.

V1GiLaNtE 10-20-2011 10:12 PM

yum... I can see lots of hard work and money went into this.. It's really cool to see a progression from what you wanted, experimenting and then building to those specs!

whitexj98 10-23-2011 07:24 PM

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Went wheelin with 35s for the first time this weekend, broke a drive shaft u joint and had some power steering fade but other than that went good.

whitexj98 10-23-2011 07:26 PM

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Xjoutsider 11-09-2011 09:01 AM

Nice Build. Looking forward to more update. I am in the proccess of going to 35s on my White 96 jeep.

The time now is 11:09 PM.

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