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Cowboy_Elvis 09-05-2013 08:06 PM

HID headlights??
I'm looking to upgrade my headlights, just curious if they do make HID's for them ?

XJmike0122 09-05-2013 08:25 PM

You can make them but, I have never seen a a set for sale any where.

cruiser54 09-06-2013 05:39 AM

Here's a neat write-up done by XJSnake:

Originally Posted by xjsnake - post2069179 - post2069179
Upgraded headlights the legal (ish) way...

1) Get a new headlight harness.

You can make your own

Or you can buy one:

The eautoworks harnesses used to be quite cheap until everyone on this forum started recommending them and the price was raised accordingly.

You can pick them up for $29.99 here part number 36-3580. It says it fits a chevy blazer but it's the same as the eautoworks harness and I'm running the LMC harness in my XJ.

There are other more expensive options for pre-made harnesses but I'm not super familiar with those.

2) Upgrade to H4 housings

There are two types of regulations pertaining to headlight housings. There are DOT approved housings which are legal in the US and there are Ecode lights which are European housings and aren't legal in the US although many people use them as they are considered superior housings due to the light pattern.


Autopals (look on ebay for Autopal 200mm H4 housing)

Personally I won't buy housings that have plastic lenses, I much prefer glass but your mileage may vary.

3) Get good bulbs

Some of the above housings come with bulbs included with them. I tend not to recommend bulbs as the choices are extremely vast and everyone has their own preferences as to color and wattage.

4) Aim your headlights properly!

I can't say enough how much improperly aimed headlights annoy me on the road plus you are wasting all that time and effort to upgrade the lighting if you don't aim the light where it does the most good...

5) On HID Lights

I do not recommend HID's for use in XJ's... People will show links to cheap HID kits and "Projectors" off of ebay and other sites which will give you a lot of light and will also throw a lot of light in all directions making you very visible to police and possibly blinding other drivers.

Read for a well written description of the problems with HID kits.

When using HID's you need a true projector housing. I'm sure people will chime in and say they run HID's and ebay housings and have had no problems but I'm describing the legal (ish) way.

If you want to go down the road of HID's, take a look at what true projector housings cost
or you can buy the projectors and retrofit them into existing housings if you are so inclined:

There are a myriad of options available to consumers with the limiting factor being cost. One can spend under $100 and have significantly upgraded their lighting or they can spend $1000 and upgrade their lighting more. It's all in how much money you want to spend.

For those wanting to do some of these upgrades but not necessarily all I would do them in the following order:
1) Headlight Harness (major improvement even with sealed beams)
2) Housings and Associated Bulbs
3) Hid and Projectors (Cost prohibitive to do correctly)

For installation of the harness and housings see this excellent write up:

Disclaimer: Always check your local and state laws as some places have more stringent lighting laws than others... I am in no way associated with any of the above companies and none of what I say should be taken as the absolute truth or only way to do things. Flame on...

evo_ski 09-06-2013 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by cruiser54 (Post 15877968)
3) Hid and Projectors (Cost prohibitive to do correctly)

Good post, but I strongly disagree with this statement. Doing a proper projector retrofit with an HID specific projector or an OEM projector from another car will be FAR superior to any of the halogen reflector offerings you will ever come across, plain and simple. Reflector housings do not provide the width and focus that a projector can offer.

Now I do agree with the statement that you cannot simply drop an HID kit into a standard housing, but if you take your time and do a proper retrofit and install HID projectors into the stock or aftermarket housings that is the best setup you can have.

I have seen people spend double what I did on their halogen reflector housings and upgraded wiring harness. I spend $90 on a harness, HID kit, Bixenon Projectors, and extra housings to hack up and install the projectors into. That is less than almost all of the options that are out there for upgraded halogen reflectors.

The rest of that post is spot on about aiming, etc. but I highly disagree that an upgraded halogen reflector is the way to go. I don't have any night shots yet, but here is my retrofit.

Tom95YJ 09-06-2013 10:54 AM

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HID's require a projector to focus the light l properly

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