Got "loved" this morning by a state trooper!! -
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Got "loved" this morning by a state trooper!!

Well my XJ is covered from the roof to the bottom of the tread with mud. Awesome mudding yesterday. Well on my way to work a preppy clean cut considerate and caring trooper decides to pull me over, and says that he is going to cite me on no seat belt and not wearing glasses. Ok thats kool but I don't see how he saw that I wasn't wearing it.... he was behind me and my rear windshield is caked with mud, no possible way. Well then he decides to tell me all the other offenses I am making cuz of the mud, "sir your lights are covered and are not bright enough, you mirrors are covered, your windows are covered, license plates were covered oh and you need a front plate also which you dont have, hmmmm what else can I write down on this little piece of paper......" Everything except for speeding.

Not trying to bad mouth law enforcement at all. Its just that he decided to get everything little thing on me so much so that it seemed like it was a personal matter against an offroad enthusiast.

I guess maybe it was because I was sticking out of the crowd like a sore thumb which is probably why he picked me of all the other hundreds of drivers that were speeding, running reds, cutting through gas stations to beat the red, which was happening as he was pulling me over!!!


Did this ever happen to any of you guys? Share your experiences and resolutions to the problem/ticket.

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how much of a fine did he hit you for? Also cops around here try to pull the "no seatbelt" crap. It's like do you want my insurance card and licesne?
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how much is it?

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when your car sticks out in a crowd, they will pull you over. i have never been pulled over and then when i went to Oregon, my cousin and i got pulled over 2 times in 3 days in his bright blue xj ( lifted 6 inches, 33's lots of good stuff) caked with mud, we got the whole spiel about how tires cant stick out past fenders, no mud flaps, no license plate light, and no driving with his driving lights on because they are too bright. now i have never had a high profile vehicle but now that i own a lifted 98 red xj with polished aluminum 15's and 31's, im sure y day is coming. i guess you just have to realize that some cops will pick out the ones who may be a safety threat. just try your best not to stick out too much.


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On one hand, it sounds like he made it a point to write you up for everything he could think of. On the other hand, it's common sense (so I thought) to clear off your brake lights, mirrors, and important windows after a good day of mud ridin

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I got pulled over yesterday in Banks Oregon for "Defective Equipment" ($195)The trooper was polite enough but he went on with a laundry list of all the things he could site me for No rear view mirror, uncovered high out put driving lights, mud on the license plate, no proof of registration, noise polution, and I think there were a couple others. He finally got me for the tires sticking out too far( I am running 33x13.50x15 on 3.75 backspacing). But I did find out that it is completely legal to have your doors removed in Oregon as long as everyone is belted in. My advice is to be cool when you get pulled over it's all part of the game, and when it comes down to it if they want to pop you for something, they will find something. They are just trying to pay the bills. It is our choice to have vehicles that stick out so we need to accept that we will be messed with.

Drive safe and mostly legal!

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Most Staties will get you for everything when they pull you over. As for the mud(not trying to be a **** like the other guys on here) clean it off the important parts of your XJ(mirrors, windows,lights, licience plates, etc...) It blows that you got a ticket though.
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I don't know the amount of the fine as of yet. I will have to go to court for that or call them. But yeah I completely understand that I should have cleaned off my lights, plates, and windows etc.

Funinmud that is nuts that you guys get pulled over so often.

Drive safe and mostly legal!
I love that comment. And of course I realize now that all the heads we turn that look at all the mud on our vehicles, be it in awe or disgust, there will be the heads of cops.
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lol that why ya move somewhere like around here....i leave mine muddy and i blend in perfect with all the other big trucks and stuff covered in mud

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Originally Posted by KentuckyXJ View Post
lol that why ya move somewhere like around here....i leave mine muddy and i blend in perfect with all the other big trucks and stuff covered in mud
Nice! Mud is the camo!
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well i use to drive these beast around all the time covered in mud

but i would always make sure my lights were clear to see and could see my license plate only got pulled over twice... once cause no mud flaps.... told the cop they just fell off the other day "witch they did" out wheeling.... he was cool about it and was asking question on how it does in the mud and all that good stuff.... other time was speeding down a hill.... small town cop didn't have anything else to do he just really wanted to make sure i wasn't drinking and i had my insurance and all that good stuff..... if your honest with cops and are cool with them they have never been a big problem with me
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I last offroad park i went to made you clean your vehicle before leaving. they said it was there mud and they wanted it to stay there As much of a pain as it was, it was accualy a great idea. It is VERY unsafe to drive with a mud covered jeep. I almost died one night becuase of it. I had a wheel fall off on the side of the highway while coming home from a offroad park. stoped to fix it and when i went to pull back out into traffic I cut off a dodge truck. (now, it was dark, he shoudl have been in the other lane to give me room but still) I couldnt see out of any off my windows or mirrors. The truck swerved and fishtailed at 80+ mph, i thought for sure he was going to crash. He saved it though. It was very scarry. Ever since then i always make sure i can at lease see out of my back window and mirrors. Last thing i need it to crash someone and have them sue me. but i have driven around tow with alot of mud on my jeep before and never got pulled over for that. If they started making a list like that for my jeep i would be screwed. (lift to high, tires stick out to far, shackles to long, offroad lights ect) Most of which cops dont even know are illegal. I just try not to give them a reason to pull me over because if they want to find somethign they will...
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I'm glad someone got to you before you died as a result of not wearing a seatbelt. Maybe now you'll wear your seatbelt and clean the mud off your windows and lights.

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I wear my seat belt religiously in any vehicle the only problem is that before mudding I gutted the XJ so I can start my rust repair. I had no buckles for the seat belts. But I now know to clean the vitals before I get on the road after mudding.

After cooling down continuing on my day I came to terms with what happened and like any other traffic violation ticket, it should have been avoided. Had I just put the belt around my shoulder like it was buckled he probably never would have pulled me over. But that doesn't change the fact that he was an ***. Oh well hes gotta keep the trooper rep intact I guess.
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He pulled you over for legitimate safety citations. Don't complain because an leo was doing his job. Ultimately, it's your fault for getting pulled over.

Visibility, or lackthereof is behind a large number of accidents, and with due respect, it's more dangerous to drive in a vehicle with windows and mirrors covered in mud than go 75mph on the highway.

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