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Hudson 05-01-2012 03:53 PM

Fender Trimming?
I have 32" KM2's and once in a while they will rub. I never trimmed my fenders, and never had a problem with it, but i think if i trim them it will make the jeep look more off road worthy and in general meaner.

My question is this; how exactly do i trim the fenders? In the front i want to trim off just enough so that my tires won't rub. I also want to trim off just enough in the rear. (I know in the rear i have to "tuck and fold" but can someone explain how this is done?)

I want it to be a round look. I don't want the square looking trim. If any of you could go back in time and re-trim what would you do differently?

I want it to look like this:

Not This:

rugsucka 05-01-2012 06:20 PM

-Remove Fender Flares
-Jack up tire to contact point, check bumpstops and consider adding extended bumpstops or stacking and gluing pucks
-Use a china marker/wax pencil/sharpie/wife's eyeliner to draw a smooth radius and pleasing cut out profile
-Repeat on opposite side and compare for symmetry - consider things behind such as washer fluid tank and wiring.
-Apply masking tape to cover paint on the "keeper" side of the fender.
-Select cuttting tool of choice. Jig saw with 24 tpi blade is a good choice to avoid tweaking metal, smooth cuts, and limiting paint burn. Sazall and Angle Grinder are faster, but render a cruder finished look, can wobble the metal, and the grinder while very fast tends to burn the paint.
-Dress edges with a file/sandpaper and apply some sort of rust paint/primer to cover bare steel
-Add trim if desired. 3M and Protekto are durable choices.

NOBODY has to have dog turd looking cut outs unless they don't care to try harder or just don't care period.

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