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chris87xj 09-17-2013 01:17 PM

Cast your vote for the September Cherokee Of The Month!!!
COTM Voting Rules and Guidelines

If your entry makes it to the final poll you have one opportunity to vote for yourself if you choose to do so.
A minimum of 25 technical posts are required to participate in the voting process.
If you are found cheating in anyway, you will be disqualified from the contest and not be allowed to enter again. In some cases you may also be banned. The following would be considered cheating:

1. Making multiple accounts to vote for yourself or asking anyone else to create new accounts to vote for you.
2. Asking your friends to register on so they can vote for you. Excessive new member votes could be not counted.
3. Posts or threads anywhere within asking for votes.
4. Promoting your entry on any other website asking people to vote for you - this includes threads, signatures, or anything hinting at the fact that you are competing.
5. Slander will not be tolerated under any condition or reason. This contest is intended to be fun so keep the discussion positive natured.
6. Do not post extra pictures of contestant rigs in the voting thread. There is a three picture limit for entries.

This contest is for the members of JF to decide. The only advertising you are allowed to do for yourself is in your JF signature but please do so in a tasteful way, just keep it in line with other JF signatures.
Letís have good clean poll thread here thanks.

chris87xj 09-17-2013 01:21 PM

Here are your entries!
The days are getting shorter so letís get this September COTM contest underway.
This month brings 6 great XJs to the showdown and it's up to you to help decide who will be the September Cherokee Of The Month.
Take your time looking over these trail riders and when you find your favorite, show your support and approval by casting your vote.
Feel free to post positive comments or discussion and bump this thread as needed. This poll will close one week from today.

Here are your September 2013 COTM entries in the order received.


Originally Posted by Muddy97Cherokee

Year: 1997

Model: 4 dr Sport 4x4

Drive Train: 4.0 I6, AW4, np231 with SYE, HP Dana 30, C8.25

Suspension: Pieced together 6.5" lift. 6.5" Rough Country coils, Iron Rock Offroad adjustable Long Arms, RC sway bar links made into disco's, 3.5" Old Man Emu leafs, 1"-2" RC adjustable shackles, Rough Country shackle relocation brackets, RC brake lines, Bilstein 5100 shocks, shock stem eliminators, front and rear bar pin eliminators.

Wheels/Tires: American Racing 767 wheels, 31/10.5R15 Pro Comp All Terrain Radials

Other Notable Modifications: ZJ tie rod, mossy oak wrapped sound bar, cb with custom antenna mount with firestik II 4' antenna

Favorite Modification: Long Arms

Least Favorite Modification: Any mod that breaks on the trail

Best Trail Damage: Crushed crossmember after falling on rock climbing over hill

Build Thread: Muddy97Cherokee's Build Thread

Optional: This jeep has given me pains on every install. Have spent numerous nights staying up past midnight fixing it to get it road worthy to get home. Have spent more time putting mods on and fixing my jeep than actually wheeling it. Haven't done any real wheeling with the long arms yet but it will get abused.


Originally Posted by rugsucka

Year: 2000

Model: Debadged Sport

Drive Train: 4.oL w. AW4

Suspension: ~5.5" Frankenbrew

Wheels/Tires: 15x10 Wagon Wheels

Other Notable Modifications: Fully skidded, Chromolly's w. Super Joints in locked D30

Favorite Modification: HD Drop out Custom Crossmember w. integrated Tcase and Cat skid

Least Favorite Modification: Nothing to complain about

Best Trail Damage: Wrecked exhaust leak melting ignition wiring harness

Build Thread: Scampy the XJ - Wagon Wheelin'

Optional: 5 year slow and calculated build. Works good, now a semi-retired DD.


Originally Posted by JeepN4KC

Year: 2000

Model: Sport

Drive Train: 4.0 I6/AW4/NP231/D30/Chrysler 8.25 29sp

Suspension: Rough Country 4.5"

Wheels/Tires: 33x12.5x15 BFG KM2's on Unique Series 252 steelies

Other Notable Modifications: Aussie locker out back; TnT Customs chassis stiffeners; TnT Customs XD belly pan; Tomken fueltank skid; Solid Axle Ind. diff covers f/r; installed hitch for rear shackle recovery; rust abatement/rattle-can two toned; fenders trimmed; rear quarters cut&boxed; p/w's cut&folded; zj fan clutch; hood spacers and a bunch of other odds and ends.

Favorite Modification: everything I've done but the Aussie and the chassis stiffeners rank high

Least Favorite Modification: none of them

Best Trail Damage: blowing out the rear glass - look on my daughter's face was

Build Thread: My Other Build Thread

Optional: The XJ is the project/toy Jeep of our fleet and was bought for the purpose of "saving" the WK from trail damage. I like driving it around but I bought it to wheel it.


Originally Posted by rubiprime

Year: 1998

Model: xj sport

Drive Train: 4.0,aw4,231sye,hp30w/arb ,dana 35 w/ limited slip,4.88 gears, ucf diff covers

Suspension: rough country 6.5 inch with 1.5" pucks, control arm drops and shacle relocaters

Wheels/Tires: 35'km2's with procomp wheels

Other Notable Modifications: rough country winch bumper with stinger, custom rear bumper, chevy brake hoses, daystar front bump stops, iro hd tie rod and double shear trac bar

Favorite Modification: bottle opener on rear bumper.

Least Favorite Modification: none

Best Trail Damage: ripped off factory rear bumper cap

Optional: got divorced, sold truck and boat and decided to get back into wheelin.


Originally Posted by DNFJ

Year: 2000

Model: Cherokee Sport

Drive Train: 4.0L, AW4, D30/C8.25

Suspension: 6.5" IRO Coils, 5.5" IRO leaf packs, RC 1" drop shackles, Sway-bar quick discos, Stainless steel extended brake lines, IRO adjustable arms (lower and upper), Bilstein 5100s

Wheels/Tires: 33x12.50x15 BFGoodrich A/T K/O on Recoils

Other Notable Modifications: Original Cost: $2,800
IRO 6.5" Front Springs: $149.99
IRO 5.5" Rear Leafs: $339.99
IRO Hack 'N Tap SYE: $99.99
IRO Adjustable Upper & Lower Control Arms: $319.99
Clayton Offroad Adjustable Track Bar and Bracket: $279.00
Bilstein 5100 Shock Absorbers: $349.99
Logan's Metal Products Front Bumper: $319.00
V8 Grand Cherokee Steering Upgrade: $257.99
Front Driver Side Floor Pan: $75.00
6x HELLA 500 Lights: $221.82
4x 33x12.50x15 BFGoodrich A/T: $850
Safari Snorkel: $135.00
H4 Headlamp Upgrade: $30.00
Sway Bar Quick Disconnects: $69.95
Brake Line Extensions: $83.99
Water Pump, Radiator, 180* Thermostat, Hoses: $267.97
Front & Rear Brakes (Calipers, Rotors, Pads, Drums, Shoes, etc): $450
48" Hi-Lift Jack: $87.99
Monstaliner: $375.00
Roof Basket: $125.00
OR-FAB Quarter Panel Armor: $314.99
Other things I'm surely forgetting totaling around 300-400 hundred
Total Cost: 8352.66

Favorite Modification: Monstaliner or H4/Putco Harness

Least Favorite Modification: Piston #5 exploding

Best Trail Damage: Cracked header panel, broken headlight bezels

Build Thread: Thundercracker Build Thread

Optional: LED light conversion


Originally Posted by Luke95

Year: 1998

Model: Cherokee Classic

Drive Train: 4.slow AW4 Dana 30 and 8.25 swapped in

Suspension: Its a mix of IRO RE and Bilstein parts

Wheels/Tires: Cragar Soft 8s with 34x9.5 SS

Other Notable Modifications: Oil pressure gauge, V8 steering and big stupid front bumper!

Favorite Modification: Powertrax no-slip for the 8.25 Or the T case skid plate!

Least Favorite Modification: The front bumper but it is funtional

Best Trail Damage: I crunched up my rockers and my floor pan

Build Thread: Zips 2.0 my 98

Optional: I bought this jeep because my 88 was past the point of being worth fixing and I wanted something with an interior/doesnt jar your brains out so cruising threw Craigslist I found zips2.0. I went and looked at her once and then the next day I pulled out the money and she was mine! :thumbsup: I started wheeling her in harder and harder stuff and all I can say is I am shocked by what I have done so far! Shes far from a pavement pounding princess and I frequently am know to have to go on rescue runs. I have been known to over use the wondon and drop the hammer!

Great group of XJs here, good luck to all!

chris87xj 09-17-2013 09:39 PM

Back to the top!

DNFJ 09-18-2013 06:03 AM

Gonna be a good one this month.

chris87xj 09-18-2013 09:20 AM

come on Luke, kicker down!

chris87xj 09-18-2013 09:44 AM

woohoo this thread is at the top of the 'crawled threads today' list at the bottom of the forum main page!

Luke95 09-18-2013 10:58 AM

I like this months! Great running, my rig doesn't even deserve to compete but hey I got a vote so I'm happy!

I <3 rockrash

JeepN4KC 09-18-2013 12:58 PM

Man, just tuned in to see a pretty tight vote goin down!

Nice rigs all - good luck to everyone! :thumbsup:

Voted and crawled................bump

chris87xj 09-18-2013 01:59 PM

aaand we're tied for the lead!

Luke95 09-18-2013 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by chris87xj
aaand we're tied for the lead!

AND LAST! :cheers2:

I <3 rockrash

chris87xj 09-19-2013 05:49 AM

good morning bump.

DNFJ 09-19-2013 06:04 AM

Oh no I'm losing now. :(

VegasGT 09-19-2013 10:14 AM

As usual, too many nice rigs make it so hard to choose. Buuut Ive been voting for JeepN4KC every time he's tried this year so might as well stick with it. Nice rig, with a very thorough build thread. :thumbsup:

DNFJ 09-19-2013 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by VegasGT (Post 16141737)
As usual, too many nice rigs make it so hard to choose. Buuut Ive been voting for JeepN4KC every time he's tried this year so might as well stick with it. Nice rig, with a very thorough build thread. :thumbsup:

We aren't friends anymore. :rofl:

JeepN4KC 09-19-2013 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by VegasGT (Post 16141737)
As usual, too many nice rigs make it so hard to choose. Buuut Ive been voting for JeepN4KC every time he's tried this year so might as well stick with it. Nice rig, with a very thorough build thread. :thumbsup:

No doubt, some killer XJs this month (pretty much every month). Thanks for the support.

BTW - I've tried to keep my build threads thorough. Then photobucket has to screw that up by maxing out on my flippin bandwidth - which is also every month. :thumbdown:

whiskey tango foxtrot! guess they want money from me.

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