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Black Widow.

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La Negra

My Jeep: 2010 Black JK Mountain Edition / Waiting patiently for the Zombie Apocalypse...
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I'm naming mine Bug-Out! Just incase I have to, you know, bug out!

TeraFlexed '13 Commando Green JKU Black Hardtop roll'n on 35's!


I don't always go topless, but when I do I go Commando!
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Jeep Names and the group i wheel with
Me-2000 tj black Sahara-Jennifer- nicknamed Bordergaurd(Drove through a fence )
Friend 1- 2006 lj black Rubicon- Jessica- Nicknamed Traction king(had street tires when we gave him the name)
Friend 2- 81 green Cj- Nicknamed Tikipole- because it has a 3 inch body lift and is so high for no reason
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I've got 2 WJs, my first one I named "Chip" because all the clear coat on the hood began chipping off shortly after I got to the point where there's almost none left....

My second one, I haven't decided on a name for it yet because I've only had it for about 2 weeks now. I'll figure something out because I pretty much always name my vehicles....

My old '74 Dodge Dart with the 318 was the Blue Bomber (Baby blue with a vinyl top),

I had an old full sized chevy van that the guys at work called the mystery machine on account of it being the same basic color (but without all the MYSTERY MACHINE stickers and such).

I also had at one time a Purple Geo Metro hatchback that I called the Grape until I rear ended someone in it and then I called it The Raisin.

My wife's '99 Town Car is "The White Slut"....Because it's white and everybody gets a ride (We've got 2 kids in school she picks up every day along with their friends usually).

I always called my wife's old Toyota sienna minivan "Old Ironsides" because that thing went through HELL after being sideswiped, driven about 400k miles, and generally being worth every dime we spent on it. THEN we sold it and the guy that bought it got 20 miles down the road and the engine threw a rod THROUGH the block. Lucky us I guess.

Our old '00 Ford Excursion was just "The giant gas guzzling POS", because that's pretty much exactly what it was....We only drove that for about a year and now it sits in our driveway because nobody will buy it.
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I remembered a couple more today....Not jeeps but still in the 'naming your car' theme.

I had a 2000 Impala I originally named the Silver Streak (Loaded silver LS and it was pretty quick) but after 3 years and a little over 100k miles on it I started calling it "That G-D POS Impala" because it just took a giant dump after the warranty ran out. I wound up getting rid of it when I went to change the oil one day and realized that the pudding textured stuff that was coming out of the oil drain was oil mixed with coolant....Found out later that there was a big issue with the intake manifold leaking coolant into the oil....I got rid of it just in time.

Also, at one time I had a VW Jetta TDI that I called "JetDI"(Jedi). No real reason other than I thought it was cool when I was 18 or 19.

Lastly, I had an old 84 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup that had 300k on it when I got it...Red, 2wd long wheel base, 4 barrel carb on a 350. First rattle out of the box I slapped a set of muds on the back and dualled out the exhaust. I called her "Old Bess". Boy I sure do miss that old truck....

As for my new-to me '04 WJ, right now I'm leaning towards calling it "Dusty" or "The Hottie" because it's black with black leather interior....Seriously, this is my first black vehicle and I can see now why people both love and hate black vehicles....They look so badass, but it's ALWAYS dirty, and it's ALWAYS hot when I get in it after a hard days work....Pretty stupid of me to buy a black WJ with black leather in central TX in the middle of the summer but it was love at first sight. Hopefully the A/C keeps working as good as it does for a long time.
Long story short, there ain't nothing wrong with naming your vehicle.
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I called mine "La Negra".

2010 Black 2D Mountain JK

My Jeep: 2010 Black JK Mountain Edition / Waiting patiently for the Zombie Apocalypse...
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pat, because shes a lady but when you hit the gas shes got some real balls
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Originally Posted by godzirra
pat, because shes a lady but when you hit the gas shes got some real balls
That's hilarious. Those skits on SNL were always funny.
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My Kid named mine "the screaming metal deathtrap" when she was like 9 years old.
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Originally Posted by MadGerbil View Post
1: It is my understanding that most languages assign gender to most nouns. That means in many languages the term 'car' is feminine or masculine.

2: Throughout the history of sailing men braver, and stronger than myself have referred to their vessels by name and gender.

Given those two examples, perhaps you'll come to see that gender and name assignment to objects is actually the norm and not oddball.
At the very least you could expand your understanding of gender beyond "has balls" and "doesn't have balls".
Very well put.
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I would love to see what a discussion of gender identity would look like on JeepForum.

2003 Rubicon
Build Thread
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Originally Posted by psubully
My wife called my 1997 TJ Murphy's law cause over the 11 years I have had it everything that can go wrong has and once I fixed something another part needs to be repaired, replaced or updated!
My wife calls my XJ the same thing, I dubbed it the Harlem Shake because that trend was popular when I bought it and it also had bad DW when I bought it.

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I named mine "leo" after king leonidas of sparta. if any of you are familiar with the term "molon labe" or "ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒE" which means "come and take it." king leonidas said this when persia told the spartan army to hand over their guns. (molon labe is carved into his grave) this is modernly used against governments trying to limit gun uses. im a gun enthusiast so this means a lot to me. Leonidas is also my conformation name, believe it or not (-: .... so yeah King Leonidas was known as a giant badass king so i thought, well, jeeps are the king of the road, so Leo it is!
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If you have to ask what to name YOUR Jeep may I suggest:


You can replace the Rubicon sticker on the hood with it.
By the way it came with a name, it's called "The Jeep"
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