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post #76 of 275 Old 06-15-2010, 10:50 PM
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Its interesting reading about how many people have done the "double gasket" mistake when doing an oil change. Been there and done that more than once. An oil change for me is always interesting though, I start off knowing exactly what I need to do and declare that I will come out "cleaner" than I did the last time I changed oil and somehow I always finished covered in motor oil with half of it on me and half of it on my garage floor or driveway.

My idiot moment would have to be an oil change I did about a year ago. After the aformentioned "double gasketing" incidences that I did more than once, I finally made it a mental reminder to DOUBLE CHECK that I had removed the old gasket from the oil filter before putting the new filter on. This time around the oil change went smooth and it was time to fire the Jeep up. I turn the Jeep on, let the clutch out with the Jeep in neutral and roll down the driveway a foot or so when I hear a loud CRUNCH! I jump out of the Jeep fearing the worst and see oil EVERYWHERE. Covering the underside of my jeep, my tires and allllll over the driveway.

I was successful in removing the old gasket before putting the new oil filter on. What I was NOT successful in doing was removing the pan filled with several quarts of oil from underneath my Jeep before rolling down the driveway. Sure enough my tire ran right over it sending motor oil EVERYWHERE. The best part was that I freaked out trying to clean all of this oil up out of my driveway as it began to slowly stream down the driveway towards the storm drain. I ran downstairs and stole kitty litter directly from the catbox but couldnt come up with enough to soak up all the oil. I then ran to the barn and grabbed a bag of sawdust shavings hoping that would soak up the spill. It didn't do such a great job either but eventually I got the majority of the mess cleaned up by shoveling scoops of sawdust clumped oil into a bucket.

You should have seen the look on my face though when I was later told there was a brand new bag of Dryz-It oil absorbant sitting in my shed, the one place I didn't look.

"When Life starts to pass you by..............Downshift"
Then again that used to be my motto until I got the Jeep, now that doesn't even work half of the time.

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Originally Posted by 2006Sport View Post
Sometimes I wish I had leaf springs.
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The first time I took off my doors they were a PITA to get off. I was pulling on them pretty good and started to get pissed off because they weren't moving at all. Finally I just yanked as hard as I could. Well the door came off but the side mirror nailed me in the lip and busted it open pretty good. The door decked the crap out of me to say the least. I put some grease on the bolts whenever I put the doors back on now and they always come off easy. No more busted lips.
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Ok, I'll play too.
Last nite while I was removing my front sway bar I realized I needed to remove the drivers tire to get it out thru the steering box arm. Well I jacked the tire up and took it off got the sway bar out andput the tire back on, eased the jack down for the tire to make contact tighten the lugs down and look over at all the parts I just removed at 10:30 at nite and get that ,,,"HAHA I just beat you feeling". FFWD this morning get up hop in jeep to go to work, thats when I hear this really bad scratcing crunching squeal sound coming from under the front driver's side. Slap my self in the head because I just remembered I never took the jack back out from under there.
Luckily no damage and it was so much smoother of a ride to work without all that restrictive, useless stuff under there.
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I'll chime in:

-Raised Jeep to replace rear main seal
-removed all oil pan bolts
-saw stars as the oil pan fell down and clocked me on the head. I figured it had the cork seal and would require prying off. Apparently not. That hurt.

This one happened while replacing my valve cover gasket:
-Removed the valve cover gasket, and replaced it with new.
-got everything all buttoned up
-started it up to have it barely running.
-take it around the block, having it idling very roughly.
-Pop the hood to check some things. First I think vacuum leak or something.
-noticed the plug above the rear of the engine was unplugged. I had unplugged it for clearance. Oops.

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First time I changed the oil, I underestimated how far the oil was going to go when I took the drain plug out. I ended up with about half a quart of oil on the basement floor.

Putting my MBRP light bar on in the middle of the flu. I got everything put together only to realize I didn't run the light wires through the correct part of the bar, so I had un-do an hours worth of work and re-do it. Later on, as I was about to finish up.....only four bolts to go! I was under the Jeep and I had my Dad let the bar down into place.....CRAP! I realize I put the brackets on backwards! Fixed that and everything went well.

The first time I took the doors of I was having a hard time getting the wiring harness loose and couldn't see it very well up under the dash and broke the plastic tab off that allows you to easily disconnect it. Now every time I take the doors off, I have to stick my knife up there and pry it off.

And the most recent idiot moment: I took my doors off and was carrying them inside (I live in an apartment, so its my only option). I was taking them into my second bedroom when WHAMMY I hit the corner of the door on the wall and the drywall exploded off of the wall leaving a nice hole.

That's all.......for now.

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Ok I may as well fess up to one of mine.

Years ago I owned a Triump Sprifire. The Spitfire was a small two seater sport car. Anyway I had a new motor and tranny for it so I pull the motor and tranny together from the front. After everything was installed I went to do the test drive.,,,,, No clutch, the clutch was hydrolic and the pedal went down but it did not disengage. Come to find out I unstalled the clutch backwards. No big deal just pull the tranny, right?

To pull the tranny alone on a Triumph spitfire you have to go through the interior. I had to pull the front seats and all of the carpet to include the tranny tunnel. Then do all of the work in pulling the trannny in the interior of the smallest production car ever built. I am a idiot. I installed the clutch backwards.
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Ok, first time changing the clutch in my 91, I figured that it sucked so much to take it apart, I might as well change out my pilot bearing since the clutch kit came with a new one. This was the first time I had ever done this, it took me 4 HOURS to remove it, all the while cursing the fact that the bearing puller I had would not fit correctly into the bearing to let me pull this thing out. Finally got it out, or so I thought, I grab the new bearing and go to put it in the opening, turns out, pilot bearings sit in pilot bushings and all this time I had spent trying not to scuff up the opening was completely wasted, I could have just smashed it out. I put the puller in, gave it two good whacks, and out it comes.
I apparently had a "pilot bushing puller", and not a "pilot bearing puller", I guess that that explains why it didn't fit eh?

Also when I went to change the slave cylinder for the clutch, I was pulling and tugging on the damn washer fluid reservoir trying to get it out when all of a sudden, it explodes into about 40 pieces, turns out that 20 year old plastic bottles that sit under the hood are brittle, who'da thunk it. Still looking for a replacement.

When I was about 18 I had an old Chevy Nova, and I was poor, but I thought it would be cool to have Remote Start, but I didn't have the $200 dollars to spend on it. So I made one from an old Ungo car alarm and about 8 Boche relays, worked great, until I stepped on the remote accidentally one time, and the thing started and kept cranking, and cranking, all while the engine was running (it had no logic to know when the engine was running, it just cranked as long as the button was held). So I picked it up, and threw the remote, trying to get it out of range (it had a tiny screw to open it, and I knew I had nothing to open it with), but I guess I must throw like a girl or something, because it wasn't far enough, so now I'm running down the road trying to find this thing, the whole while my car is making this horrible 5000 rpm while cranking screaming sound (I used a trunk release solenoid to pull the throttle back while cranking because it couldn't start with out giving it some gas) . I caught up to the remote, threw it a bit better this time, and my car finally stopped screaming.
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Originally Posted by Avernar View Post
How many people here would pour the oil back in and take a hit on another filter rather than admit to the wife/fiance/gf what a yutz they are?
my ego is too big for me to swallow
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Originally Posted by Burns95 View Post
Hey Infernogirl... what might a better beer be??? Don't you dare say Bud Light.
shiner bock
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Here's mine!

My wife and I share the Jeep in our family. She got bit by the Jeep bug a few months ago and loves to drive the thing....anywho....

Out back of our house is where the Jeep lives, right in front of the garage door. We always park with the front of the Jeep facing the garage door, we have done this for quite some time. It is habit for both of us, when we drive, to get in, put it in reverse, and back out of the driveway.

Well, one afternoon, ( a Saturday none the less) I was working on the Jeep, doing some repairs to the tailgate. To make things easier on me and keep the project close to the tools.....I turned the Jeep around so it faced the other way. (Front now facing the street.) After working for a few hours, I finished, put away the tools, cleaned up, shut the garage door, and came in the house. I didn't turn the Jeep around.

About an hour later, I was sitting on the couch, when my wife stated that she wanted to go out to run some errons. I told her that I had finished working on the Jeep so she could take it if she wanted. She aggreed, after all, it was a nice day, so what the hey, right??

Wrong!!!! So a few minutes went by. There I was sitting in the living room....all of the sudden....BANG!!!SMASH!! I run downstairs in to the garage....stopped in my tracks.... and started to wonder why I could see the back of the Jeep in the garage with the door closed. You guessed it....she backed right through the door!

As women tend to turn things around (pun intended) this accident was my fault because I didn't turn the Jeep around. A little bit later my wife and I stood around, after the fact, laughing very hard. Slave to routine I guess.

Red Jeep Club: 584 BTW-There are no mechanical problems which cannot be solved through suitable application of high explosives.
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Jacked the jeep up to maintain the front brakes last night. Got it all prepped and ready to do for the following day. Realized the garage door would not close because my dumb *** left about 2" of the front bumper hanging into the had to remove the jacks, move all my tools, throw back on the tires and pull the jeep back so I could close the garage
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Not a Jeep story but back when i was 15 my friend who was 16 at the time got his first car from his mom, a glorious 1984 4 door Chevette. Now my friend who is not mechanicly inclined decided that he wanted to change the oil himelf for the first time and called me to ask how to do it (as me and my dad spent lots of time together in our garage). So i told him what he needed and how to do it but i couldn't give him a hand as i had chores to finish at the time but when he was done to come over and we'd take it for a rip. So a while later he pulls in to my place and asks me to have a look because his oil light is on. I pop the hood to check the dipstick to make sure he put enough oil in thinking that maybe it was a bit low that's why the light was on. Well as it turns out i checked the tranny fluid and not the oil fluid and as he forgot to put the plug back in when he was done and didn't notice the oil slick he left on the road to my place we took it for rip thinking it was a falty sensor. 15 kms later we were phoning a tow truck because we blew the main bearings in his engine and seized it up. Good thing it was a free car!
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One of my first times mudding I got stuck in a deep rut on my right side. Like an idiot I tried to just power my way out of it in 4High. Needless to say I grenaded my reverse gear thankfully that was the only thing I broke. I felt like such an idiot and clearly had no clue what I was doing haha.
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I received a MP3 stereo for free, about a year old Sony that my BIL had installed in his old car, but didn't need it for his new one. It didn't have a plug adapter, just free hanging wires, which is fine, the Jeep didn't have an adapter either, just wires.

Got all the wiring lined up, soldered them together. Turned it on, sounded great! Went to put back in the dashboard when I realized the wires were coming from below the dashboard, not from the hole where the stereo goes FML :lol

And the soldering job went perfect too!

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Originally Posted by sloan74 View Post
Jacked the jeep up to maintain the front brakes last night. Got it all prepped and ready to do for the following day. Realized the garage door would not close because my dumb *** left about 2" of the front bumper hanging into the had to remove the jacks, move all my tools, throw back on the tires and pull the jeep back so I could close the garage
I hate that!!!

-- Marc Wilson -- 85 CJ7 Called Buster, Why? The wife likes to yell out the door "Are you done fix'en buster's bits yet"?

Originally Posted by my-jeep-earl View Post
It does look alot better when the Jeep is "ugly side up" though! :hahaha::teehee:
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