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How did your first wheeling experience go?

So, as the title says... how did your first wheeling experience go?

I'll start off with mine. My friends and I decided it would be fun to try out the jeep in some snow. We drove around for a little down side roads and ended up finding a small trail with skidoo tracks on it. Without giving it much thought, we started making our way into the small trail. Everything was going great until we came up to a steep downhill with a sharp break over angle. I then stopped the jeep to investigate this obstacle and chose a safe descent route. Now that I was ready to take off again and negotiate the obstacle my wheels broke through the hard packed skidoo track, causing me to sink into about 2 feet of soft snow. The excursion went downhill from here. It took us 3 hours to dig the jeep out and get it going again. After getting the jeep going, my carefully planned line to descent the hill went to hell. The snow pulled me into a weird descent angle and ended up descending the hill in a very off camber situation (turning around was not an option). Having successfully ( well kinda) passed my first test, I put my focus on climbing out of the little valley I was now stuck at the bottom of. I proceeded to make myself some tracks in the snow to climb up the hill. Everything was looking up until I heard a clanking sound coming from the rear of the jeep . Upon investigation, I discovered that the bolt for the clamp on my U-joint to the yoke snapped. This caused damage to the U-joint and a sizeable hole in my muffler. We then removed the rear driveshaft and limped on in front wheel drive. After another hour of hopelessly failing to make it up the hill with the lack of 4X4, we called in back up (a skidoo) to help us out. The sled gave us the right amount of pull to make it up the hill and put me in view of my final obstacle. My final test consisted of a large packed snow bank to make it back onto the side road. My only option ( well in my mind anyways) was to take off like a bat out of hell and slam into to snow bank. My plan worked reasonably well since I did make it over the snow bank; however, my front wheels went airborne and hit the road with a hard bang . I finished the adventure by stopping by the parts store and get to work fixing the damaged caused to the jeep and my back with some brews. Been hooked on wheeling ever since.

So what was your first time like? Did it go good? Decent? or a horror story? It would be fun to hear all the stories as I'm sure there are some good ones!

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Sounds like a crazy first outing.
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I sure hope that was not a groomed trail you decided to go down. Snowmobilers put a lot of money into getting the surfaces of those trails into good shape.

My first wheeling experience was guided by a bunch of people who had been doing it for years. No broken parts and no major sticks, but lots of fun.

Originally Posted by mrblaine View Post
I like the arms, they are a good solution, but they really aren't worth the effort for the average person and you already see the BS that goes on over bushings VS JJ's, the crap that would go on over J arms would be epic.
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I sure hope that was not a groomed trail you decided to go down. Snowmobilers put a lot of money into getting the surfaces of those trails into good shape.
It wasn't an actual snowmobile trail. I would never go down a groomed trail with my jeep. I normaly buy a trail pass every year and understand the fustration this would cause in the snowmobile community. Plus you can get charged with destruction of property if caught trespassing

Sounds like a crazy first outing.
Yes it was
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I'll bite.

My first experience was shortly after I got my first YJ. I have an acquaintance who has a 'Yota and is into some hard core wheeling. He knew of a marsh land with some light duty stuff where we could go and "test her out." I was running flat OEM springs and may-pop street tires. Only got stuck once. Went through a slit in a brush line only to find a mud bog on the other side. Sunk to my doors before I knew what happened. Crawled through the Jeep to tie on a tow strap one of the guys had. To say I had a large cleaning job in front of me would have been an understatement. Luckily nothing broke and I was able to drive her home. The clean up took h-o-u-r-s.

I've never had a tow strap on any of my Jeeps since and I've done some, what I consider, crazy a** stuff between then and now.

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IIRC the first went with no problem. 2nd ended in my Jeep with a burnt out clutch sitting on the side of a earthen ramp with the differentials buried in the bank of the creek and a breeze away from tipping into the creek. My friends found it HEE-LARIOUS. I didn't. I will never attempt to pull a Yota out of a creek with anything less than a winch.

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My first time ever wheeling (driving) I was in my new to me 97 taco 4x4 3.4 v6 5 speed and it was raining and we went into a local wash and I flew threw a few mud wholes. It was before I had my license and one of my first times ever driving, my dad had driven us out there and let me drive off-road.

Was pretty damn great, got home realized there wasn't hardly any mud on my yota so I took the factory mud flaps off.

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My first time wasn't really anything to note. There used to be a lot of wooded property around where I live with some trails a few guys I went to school with had cut for just this purpose. An old couple owned a sizeable farm and allowed us to use it as we wished as long as we didn't trash everything. It was always a good time, but fast forward a decade and it is all subdivisions and parks now. I'll be honest, I've seen OHV parks that were less maintained. Always kept it clean, and kept as much of the foliage intact as possible.

The first trail damage I got was in a situation similar to op. I went down something I shouldn't have and it was way to slick, ended up sliding to the bottom and smashing in the passenger side door of my XJ. Luckily a local junk yard had one that had been wrecked on the drivers side. I snagged it, put it on, and waited for a few years for the paint to blend, or me just not to care it was slightly different color.
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my first time was an access road that had been rutted out by other guys in bigger trucks. we had just got the lift installed on my dads tj and him and i hit the mud and water at full throttle in second because we had no idea what we were doing. amazingly nothing broke because we did that a few times. needless to say we have learned since

build thread:
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First time I went (while driving) was by myself. In a hell of a mud hole. Burried the jeep deep. Dropped the gas needle 1/4 tank just trying to get out.. Finally got out after about half an hour of 4hi first and reverse and 4low first second and reverse.. After i got unstuck, i went back to realize i was burried up so bad in the mud that half of my front diff was also dragging though the mud.. Oops. Live and learn..

Would hate to see how bad muddy this would have been if i wouldnt have had my stock pontoon saraha rock guards on.

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First time ever i went out my buddy got stuck for 6 hrs we only had 1 strap lol and crappy every thing lol
This how it went. Oh and we both where stock and i was on 31 bold tires lol

I got stuck deep couldnt go forward or back

Then buddy pulled me out

Then he got stuck really bad

I come to pull him off but when i got stuck my rad was full of mud This what happen next

Bye bye ran lol

Then reinforcements came hahahah and got stuck too lol
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other than a couple camping trips down some easy dirt roads, my first real offroading was on an explorerforum trip to Moab. First run was Top of the World.

It was an awesome trip, and a good introduction to the offroading community. I can't wait to go back now that I've got another 4x4 vehicle.

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Still had my Trackbars and Swaybar connected. 31" POS mud tires. It was night time too. Went with a few buddies in their trucks.

Had to try out my (new to me then) Daylighters

Don't recall getting stuck...

All about that unibody life.
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Overheated and stuck beyond belief.... Hooked ever since.

had to pull the interior apart to remove carpet and really clean.

Just after...

clean up

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I failed big time and learned that airing down was important, recovery gear, and $150 really isn't that much for a wrecker to come and pull you out on Superbowl Sunday....

(Picture doesn't do it justice, this thing was submerged in "quicksand" on the other side all the way above my drivers rear wheel)
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