Black Ice = Jeep RIP -

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Black Ice = Jeep RIP

Drove 6.5 hours for a 4.5 hour trip to Michigan in my baby and got 5 minutes from my friends house after driving 40 mph the whole way to hit the black ice and hit a concrete barrier head on smashing the engine up and over about 8 inches and felt the steering wheel come in 4 inches and can't shift at all. I would think they would total it but not sure. Be safe on that stuff as all of a sudden cars just started sliding off the road all at once. Cried a bit as I only had her 2months and just made my 1st payment on my 1st Jeep and LOVED her and I mean addicted Love! Be safe and hope to have her back or a new one soon! A moment of silence for RubiMax (My sons name for her as he cried when my wife told him I wrecked it.) Oh the shame as she ran like a dream and just did a WHOLE bunch of work on her. sniffle sniffle BE SAFE OUT THERE!
P.S. We made it out of the 1st 3 360 spins only to breathe that sigh of relief and 10 feet later we did it again and no way out. Going no more than 35 when it all started. No control whatsoever!

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Glad everyone is ok.

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Thanks as my Pride is RUINED right now. Hard to just not think about is as she was like a new kid. Well not really but oh the pain. LOVED that thing.
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Got any pics?

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im sorry.............


Originally Posted by TheBoogieman View Post
Jeepinmichguy is a jerk.
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How about this, if you had the Jeep Spirit, you wouldn't abuse the rest of us trying to enjoy a nice day out wheeling by bringing your brokeass broken down junkyard crap out to play where it can't handle it?
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you all have nice rigs, stop being f****** a**holes.
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No pics and the cops were already there to tend to another wreck and never checked on us and no one stopped to check on us. Like I said we were 5 miutes from my friends house so I started her up and drove to his house in 4th gear so she kept us safe and got us to our destination. The worst part is waiting and not knowing if it is going to be totalled or not. A wrecked car is never quite right again but if they do total it I am going to be upside down again.
Anyone know How much they can actually do to fix these things? I mean the motor mount was bent and everything the tranny and axles and drive shaft were all just pushed back by the force of the impact. Can they physically bend a frame back to normal as I didn't think they could. Everything would have to be recentered. Everything.
Also no air bag went off and thought most cars and trucks had to have them by law? It was an 05 so...
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Sorry to hear that, glad no one got hurt. Black ice is really hard to see and man once you start to slide there's no stopping you. We get it a lot here in Minnesota. I think I'll be on the lookout.
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hope you got gap ins coverage if financed or you'll still be makin payments after it's totaled! but, as long as no one hurt is job 1

It will be fun ordering the new one, you can correct the woulda, shoulda wish I from the first Jeep!

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Black ice is the nastiest crap you can hit. I'll take two feet of snow any day over it. The only time I've ever spun out is on black ice. I was able to steer out of it but we were seriously lucky since we landed in the other lane facing in the wrong direction and there was no traffic coming in the other direction.

Glad you are ok. In the end, that's what really counts.

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Nothing like going topless with some Kid Rock blasting looking down on the rice boys with their dropped Civics wondering what Japanese steel would look like under the Mickey Thompsons.

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Glad you are ok. Sorry about your Jeep.

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i dont know how much damage it takes to total a vehicle, and every one takes a different amount. anyway i do know that physically it can be fixed. my dad works in a bodyshop and they have fixed some really messed up twisted up cars to where you would not know it had ever been wrecked at all. the problem will be will the insurance cover it. physically it can be fixed, financially it will probably be up to you because from what you have described i think they will just call it a total loss and be done with it
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1st THANKs for all of the well wishes as I really need them during my 3 weeks without my baby as I have been utterly depressed since the moment of impact.

Well I got the call today and like impala says they are going to fix it and said it will cost insurance $8,500? So I was talking with imped and we were trying to figure out how they came to that number when you add in new Rubicon axles and bumper and transmission etc... Seems a little low ball to me and I insisted all parts be OEM. They said it will take 3 weeks which tells me they are indeed probably going to have to put the frame on the rack. It hit dead center of the front bumper a tad to the right which smashed everything in and up but didn't break a head light or smash the grille as the bumper took it all. What a tough little guy eh? Seems it al was just pushed in and up so I just worry they aren't going to fix everything and wondered if I am able to call and get a copy of the work order and question it or it was something between the dealer and insurance? 1st bad wreck and also NO police were called so no accident is on file so would I be better off getting her fixed and then driving her straight to a lot and trading her in (Hope she isn't listening right now as I do love her so) 8)?

Impala could you maybe ask your pops what he thinks about the price and what if anything I can do about attaining a copy of the work order or not and if it seems low ball to him? Much Appreciated!
Anyone for that matter who has had a wreck I could use a little advice as I want her to drive the same if not better when I take her home.
Black Ice is the scariest thing I have ever encountered and the worst part was after I got us out of the 1st 3 360 spins I was slowing down to like 30 and then when it happened again we hit a HILL aimed straight at the concrete wall! Why would they want a driver to pick UP speed if they are going to hit it? Dunno but be real safe out there and I am DONE trying to fight mother nature. Never again will I pull a night trip any place far away in the winter.
Thanks for everything guys and hope to be back at the Badlands real soon with ya sob! The stinker is imped and I had the entire work order ready for my lift and Tom Wood Drive Shaft, Curries, Rock Sliders, Riddler, Duratrac's and just all out everything and so glad I didn't pull that trigger. I would be sick coming home to a pile of parts and NO Jeep. Hopeully I get her back just as she was and can go ahead with the RubiMax build.

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Originally Posted by JeffinWesternWA View Post
It will be fun ordering the new one, you can correct the woulda, shoulda wish I from the first Jeep!
That's what hurts the most is I didn't have ONE regret. Loved everything about her and was getting ready to start my build.
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Mud hunter: You were blessed to be safe, Black Ice is nasty stuff. i ran into some coming home on leave this year my lifted WJ danced a bit before i got her settled down. Thankfuly i missed the car in the next lane. Now for the 8500 est. it does seem low, the shop thats doing the work should send you a list of whats being done if not request it. As it your ins paying for. i would request all OEM Parts that should be an option for you as you mentioned that you still have a note against. Some ins co. will use used or aftemarket parts of there choseing. I just went through that with the wifies '05 Legacy it was backed into in are driveway that cost me around 3000 plus a week with a rental. that was a 5-10mph hit on the front bumper. do get a second option and a third if you can. that way something dose not get missed. Because the checks cut from the ins co to the shop. It is very hard to get things fixed after that, Be diligant and do some reseach with your ins co fine print and what your states rules are for repairs as that changes from state to state, if its not in writing then... well make sure what you want done is in writeing. Again glad to here you and your family are safe and alright. I would recommend if you do a lot of winter driving with it a nice set of snow tires go a lone way.

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OP, glad you are okay! The Jeep can be replaced, but I understand your feelings.

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