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Jug 11-22-2013 09:08 PM

INSURANCE headache!!
Hi all,
I have to start by saying this web forum never disappoints me for tech advise or for some pretty ingenious ideas on plans for my significant other (my jeep)
So by the title of this thread I'm sure some of you know what I mean by headache after mentioning Insurance. I finally became a jeep owner a while back and drive a 2001 Dark Blue Jeep Cherokee Sport with 180000 showing. A jeep almost immediately represents a comradery between you and the road and other fellow Cherokee owners that gladly express how bad *** and their jeep is with a nod of their head and a simple" Isn't this the best damn car you've ever own!! (while sitting at a stoplight) when you reply HEEEEELLLL yea!! nice jeep............ any ways
I was in a wreck a few days back where some good samaritan decided to direct traffic around another accident and wave traffic right into more direct traffic..... MY jeep. So... I plowed right through the side of this ladies Camry< don't worry she's ok>. Of course there was a bent front bumper and fender and a few broken lights all on the driver side. Let me add in case I didn't mention ... I love this jeep. So.. her insurance wants to total the thing based on my description of the damage, Total D#@K H@ad this guy. I have done a few things like a lift , have nice rims, bigger tires, premium sound a rebuilt Trans and a few other.......

Any advise on getting the best out of this ordeal without having to drag a lawyer into the equation.(ie.. find out the real value, negotiate a fair payout if it is totaled, etc.)

any advise is appreciated
Charlotte, NC

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