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Dud3broman 11-27-2012 10:15 PM

Going to buy a Jeep new to offroading need advice!
Im currently overseas Mil. Looking to get a new 2012/2013 JK or JK unlimited. I want to lift it so it is managable off road and on, but have no experience with working on cars. Looking at lift kits all the parts are kinda confusing besides the shocks and basic components. I want to do a 2.5-3 inch lift.

What kind of modifications to the vehicle need to be done?

What good kits are out there I have read alot about skyjacker and Procomp being excellent choices?

Also there are different types of suspensions Rock crawler/baja ect what type is best for all around off roading?

Should I go with a two door or four which has better handling off-road?

Thanks in Advance Guys!

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