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dudeman79 04-11-2012 12:16 PM

Friend's 89 XJ price
Hey experts
I am in love with my friend's RED 89 XJ. Its a wagoneer limited. Everything is stock except for the interior which was totally reupholstered and looks great. It has 115K on it. As I said, stock, so not lifted and small tires on it. It actually looks really tiny, but great in that red color. A bit of the woody panel is peeling at the edges, so it looks sharp but isnt spotless outside.
He needs to sell it, and I want it, but I think he is asking way too much. He has turned down 3K for it and stands pretty firm at $3700.
Can you tell me if he is smoking something or if I am? For that price I could probably get a 96 grand cherokee.
Any advice?


--chris-- 04-11-2012 01:14 PM

Buying from a friend is something i have done and would not do again.

I know how excited you feel right now, trust me i do. But there will be others on cragislist/autotrader/dealer lots that will be better deals.

Locally here there is a 98 XJ w/108,000 miles 3.5" lift and rubicon rims w/31" MTs for $3000. Just for comparison :)

dudeman79 04-11-2012 02:01 PM

Hey thanks! that is a good point about buying from a friend.
There were two things about this one that I thought were nice, but may be wrong.
1) Are the wagoneer limited's more sought after and collectable, or are they just viewed as old cherokees. I know its not a real grand wagoneer, but it is different than most XJ's.
2) Is reliability or a super old 89 with 115K miles and a straight six better than other cherokees in my price range. Or did they get more reliable with time.

--chris-- 04-11-2012 07:15 PM

The idea of a rare jeep or a jeep that carries more value kind of ends with Rubicon models and select other upgraded models (i cant think of other right now, but im sure there are a few SRT Cherokee's).

For me, i would be finding something that is as new as possible that is in my price range with the desired options. While you dont have to worry about corrosion caused by road salts, marine mist, still have bushings that only get older every day, interiors that get more sun faded every day, etc...


Hit craigs list.
-if you have a droid/iphone get the craigs list app and use it to alert you to when people post XJ's for sale.

Hit the classifieds/newspaper. Many people a little older than my generation (born in the 80s) still use paper to sell cars, and you can find really good deals there because my generation usually think that if you cant find it online it doesn't exist.

Try autotrader (IME autotrader sellers seem to ask more than whatever they sell is worth/they have more buyers contact them so they are less willing to negotiate).

Keep your eyes peeled while driving. Ive found, bought and sold many cars this way and made some good coin doing it.

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